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Can I Use an AppleTV in a Hotel Room? [Ask MacRx]

AppleTV and Hotel Bringing your own equipment with you while on the road often requires some planning ahead. If you plan to use an AppleTV while traveling you might want to bring some ethernet cables or a WiFi router along with you: Since I travel a great deal, I have been wondering if there is a way I can use AppleTV and the hotelís WiFi network to  [Read More…]

How Can I Open All Safari Links in Fullscreen Mode? [Ask MacRx]

Mac Mini and Safari When you are running a Mac as a kiosk or to run a demo, it can be helpful to block out all elements of the user interface. This user from Norway canít figure out how to force Safari in Lion to always open links in true fullscreen mode: We are a group of mac users that can not figure out why or how  [Read More…]

How Do I Merge iTunes and iPhoto Libraries? [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx Many Mac users have multiple systems of varying ages, and often several different copies of their iTunes and iPhoto libraries. Hereís how to get them all in one place: Your post today about sharing libraries made me wonder whether you have addressed importing/merging libraries across two Macs. My wife has a desktop PowerMac G4 Cube and a newer MacBook. She wants to import both her iPhoto  [Read More…]

My Mac is Stalling with Finder Error Code 36 [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx The Mac and Mac OS X have changed tremendously in their nearly three-decade long existence, but some problems stand the test of time. Finder Error Code 36 has plagued Mac users since the Beige Days: My girlfriend and I have matching 13? MacBook Pros (4Gigs RAM and both with ample HDs) and are the same ďageĒ. We both are music nuts and have tons of music  [Read More…]

Why Does My Mac Screen Just Show Two Buttons with Arrows? [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx Inheriting an old Mac does not always mean itís ready to go with freshly reinstalled software. The Startup (Boot) Manager might show its friendly face sometimes when a valid boot drive canít be found: Recently I have been given a iMac G5 (light sensor). The guy who gave it to me has wiped the HD so I can start again. I intend to give this Mac  [Read More…]

How Do I Share iPhoto and iTunes Libraries Between Two Users? [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx Sharing an iPhoto or iTunes library between two users is a common request, but Apple doesnít make this easy. Home Sharing will distribute purchased media but does not allow you to manage a single shared library. Here are some Apple recommended options: I have my iPhoto library located in my /Users/Shared folder. My wife is an Admin and I am an Admin and both login apps  [Read More…]

How Do I Import Photos from iPod touch to Hard Drive? [Ask MacRx]

AskMacRx Those of us with Macs take for granted how easy it is to import pictures from our iPhones and iPods to our Macs Ė at least, once youíve done it the first time. Things are a bit less obvious for iDevice owners running Windows: Is there an easy way to move all the pictures from the camera roll [on my iPod touch] to my computer or  [Read More…]

Why Do I Get the Spinning Beach Ball Daily? [Ask MacRx]

Readers continue to contact us with questions about their Macs and iDevices, so weíve decided to run Ask MacRx more frequently during the week. Today we address one of the most common questions for a Mac consultant, why do I get that spinning beach ball all the time? It seems like there is never a day goes by that I am not confronted with the Spinning Ball of Death, most  [Read More…]

Ask MacRx: Remote Access to Momís Mac, Missing QuickTime Codecs, Glitches with Mail

AskMacRx We received a slew of tech questions from Cult of Mac readers after our inaugural Ask MacRx column, and even provided a few answers! Glad we can provide a useful service. Today we discuss ways to control your Momís Mac from afar, missing QuickTime codecs after getting a new Mac, and line spacing issues with replies in Apple Mail. ē ē ē Remote Access to Momís  [Read More…]

How To Extend Your WiFi Network Range [MacRx]

Extend WiFi Wireless networking is de rigeur these days, but in large buildings or crowded urban environments it can sometimes be difficult to get connections working reliably throughout a facility. Extending your WiFi network allows you to provide strong coverage through a home or workplace while allowing wireless devices to roam about and keep connectivity. The most reliable way Iíve found to extend WiFi network coverage is  [Read More…]