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Some Mac users have noted that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro battery life has took a downturn with their Macs running OS X Yosemite. While this doesn’t impact all users, and much of the perception of diminished battery is likely due to usage and various features, there are some easy settings changes that users can … Read More

Future Macs won’t run on silicon chips

Intel’s Broadwell chips are late. The 14-nanometer wafers, which are believed to be integral to the much-rumored Retina MacBook Air, are due soon, but still not here. But Intel’s already looking forward. At this week’s 2015 International Solid-State Circuits Conference,… Read more ›

Intel says ARM-based Macs would be much slower

Intel’s talking a lot of smack about ARM lately. Around a month ago, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said that he wasn’t worried about Apple ditching Intel for ARM chips. And today, Intel’s chief financial officer, Stacy Smith, is openly scoffing… Read more ›

We’ve known that a big redesign of Tweetbot for Mac has been in the works for awhile, and today Tapbots designer Mark Jardine shared a little tease with the world. As you can tell by the (conveniently blurred out) display,… Read more ›

Maximize your Mac’s file system with Smart Folders

A longtime Cult of Mac reader wrote in with a question about some odd-looking folders she sees on her Mac. “The ‘All Pictures’ folder has a sprocket looking icon,” she writes. “Same with All PDF documents and Recently Changed documents.… Read more ›

The tech blogosphere has been buzzing this morning with news that Apple might be ditching Intel after ‘the world’s most accurate Apple analyst’ issued a report predicting iMacs and MacBooks will shun Intel processors for Apple’s own ARM-based solution within the next 1 – 2… Read more ›

If you bought a Mac from 2013 on, you can download the iWork suite of apps — Pages, Keynote, and Numbers — from the Mac App Store absolutely free. But what if you bought an older Mac? You have to… Read more ›

Black Friday is a shopper’s dream and worst nightmare. The blitz of fliers advertising post-Thanksgiving sales has already begun, with retailers large and small offering deals on just about everything imaginable. How do you know what’s actually a bargain and… Read more ›

5 of the most expensive Macs of all time

One of the first arguments that springs up in the many debates of Mac vs. PC is the cost. Traditionally, Macs come with premium price tags, which are almost always well-deserved. But there are a handful of Macs that were priced well above… Read more ›