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While sitting in on a session at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last year, Nick Frey, Chris Galzerano, and Veeral Patel got an itch to make something. As part of iOS 7, Apple had introduced “Multipeer Connectivity,” a framework for communicating with nearby… Read more ›

All the neat tweaks Apple made to iOS 8 beta 2

  Apple’s new beta for iOS 8 is stuffed full of bug fixes after most of the new features were unveiled at WWDC two weeks ago, but Cupertino still managed to surprise us today with a number of neat tweaks… Read more ›

Beats and Apple are a match made in marketing heaven

The latest ad for Beats headphones prominently displays Apple products, which probably has something to do with the fact that Apple is spending $ 3 billion to buy Beats. Clocking in at just over five minutes, you won’t see the ad… Read more ›

For many of us, our iPhones are already the most-used remote controls in our entire house. But come June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s ready to make that official. A new report says the company is planning a platform that would… Read more ›

Apple stores around the world are considered shining examples of exquisite design in the cutting-edge world of retail. Steve Jobs was famously picky about every detail that went into the stores, all the way down to the type of wood grain used for… Read more ›

This badass business card is made from an iPhone screen

Every year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, a million and one business cards get handed out. Most end up in a desk drawer or, worse, the circular file. But last year one card stood out. This glass business card is made… Read more ›

  “The best backpack we’ve ever made” — a heady statement from an outfit with a focus on making packs and cases to keep traveling Apple stuff safe. The Icon certainly looks impressive, with its Airflow channels and more specialized… Read more ›

Over at the Hotel Club, they’ve posted a fantastic interactive infographic showing the differences between traveling at the dawn of tourism — 1863 — and today, 150 years later. But this particular section, showing how the gadgets and guides that… Read more ›     

  In a plot ripped straight from 2005, Neil Young announced this week that he’s taking on the iPod with his new high-def audio music player, the Pono. We had a good laugh talking about the Pono on this week’s… Read more ›     

Gripster, Possibly The Handiest iPad Air Case Ever Made

Native Union’s Gripster case is now available for the iPad Air, and it looks like the perfect accessory for folks who own an iPad air and also have hands. Yes, hands – those prehensile utilihooks at the ends of your… Read more ›