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This week Cult of Mac Magazine looks under the hood at Apple’s new CarPlay iOS 7. Called “smart and seamless” by those lucky enough to test it out behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the International Geneva Motor Show,… Read more ›     

This week Cult of Mac Magazine looks into why your Mac gets crufty and what you can do about it. You know how your friendly technician always tells you to just reboot the computer, but there’s got to be more… Read more ›     

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  This week in Cult of Mac Magazine: Can iMacs find a cure for cancer? Right now, thousands of kids across Kentucky are furthering cancer research while they do their schoolwork, thanks to the DataseamGrid. Cult of Mac publisher Leander… Read more ›     

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine is all about the Olympics. Whether you’re a cord cutter or just like to slack off at work, our ever-resourceful reviews editor Charlie Sorrel has compiled all the tips you need to watch without… Read more ›     

  The Winter Olympics are just three days away so of course we’re working on a special edition of Cult of Mac Magazine all about the intersection of the winter games and Apple. 99.997% of us aren’t talented enough to… Read more ›     

This week in Cult of Mac Magazine: drive smarter, with a little help from the app store. Your iPhone. Great apps. Your car. What could be better? Well, maybe an Apple-designed  driving system. We’re all eagerly awaiting for release of… Read more ›     

This week, we’re all about the Mac. Cult of Mac Magazine fetes the 30 year anniversary of the Macintosh, arguably the first Apple product to gain a large (dare we say cult?) following. To do it right, we’ve got an… Read more ›     

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine explores how Apple will reboot China, and why you, the aficionado, should care. 2014 is the year of the horse: seen as an auspicious symbol for swift success, it bodes well for Apple. The… Read more ›     

This Week In Cult of Mac Magazine: The Best of CES

This week, Cult of Mac Magazine takes you to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, CES. Our intrepid writers — Leander Kahney, Traci Dauphin, Alex Heath, Buster Heine, Eli Milchman and Erfon Elijah — tested smart toothbrushes, electric bikes… Read more ›