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Google Releases Personalized Magazine App, Google Currents — And We’re Launch Partners!

In an effort to keep up with the entrance of popular magazine-style web readers like the ever popular (and Phil Schiller approved) Flipboard, Google has just released their new app, Currents, for both iOS Android. And our sites Cult of Mac and Cult of Android are both launch partners!   Offering a personalized, magazine-style reading experience on mobile devices that is automatically resized and recromulated depending on the size of the  [Read More…]

Flipboard For iPhone Is Like Having A Personalized Magazine In Your Pocket [Review]

Flipboard released its official iPhone app last night. Many users were frustrated initially with error messages during installation and adding services. The initial surge in traffic caused Flipboard’s servers to buckle under the strain, but the app came back online for most people this morning and it’s been working fine for me since. After playing with Flipboard on the iPhone, I love the way that it aggregates my  [Read More…]

Rolling Stone Magazine Will Arrive Soon On Your iPad, Right After The Beatles

Wenner Media has announced today that it will soon be bringing a digital edition of its Rolling Stone magazine to your iPad, but not before it’s finished with The Beatles. This week, the company is set to launch a port of The Beatles: The Ultimate Album-by-Album Guide for your tablet.   The guide will cost $ 10 and it will be available as an iPad app from December 1, according to Gizmodo.  [Read More…]

Wired Launches App Guide Magazine With 400 App Store Reviews

WIRED magazine has collaborated with Gizmodo to release the “Wired App Guide” iPad application in the App Store. The app provides 400 detailed reviews of “essential tools for every type of smartphone user.” With categorized app reviews and an index of the hottest apps in the App Store, WIRED’s new App Guide is a must-download for any Apple enthusiast. “From Angry Birds to Zite, mobile apps are redefining how we  [Read More…]

Time Magazine Releasing Steve Jobs Tribute Issue Tomorrow

The tributes continue to pour in for late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Fewer than 24 hours after his passing at the age of 56, Time magazine is pulling out all the stops to promptly release a special commemorative issue dedicated to the life and legacy of the mogul who effectively altered the contemporary landscape of all things technology. Incredibly, the memorial issue of Time will be released both in physical print and electronically tomorrow, Friday,  [Read More…]

This Week’s Issue Of Time Magazine Has Steve Jobs On The Cover And The Story Behind His Upcoming Bio

For the seventh time, Time Magazine will be appearing on this week’s cover of Time Magazine in a special issue that features a photo essay by Diana Walker, an Apple retrospective by Harry McCracken and Lev Grossman, and a six-page essay by Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson. It’s Isaacson’s essay that really got our eyes misting, because in it, Isaacson talks a lot about the walk he once took with  [Read More…]

Once Magazine Presents A Smart New iPad Format For Photographers

Once magazine Once is a new photography magazine for iPad, but it’s one with a nice twist: the publishers plan to share income with the contributors.   I’ve just spent an enjoyable hour going through the first (free) edition and I’m impressed. Much thought has gone into making sure that this is more than just a slideshow of photographs. The three photo stories in this edition include plenty  [Read More…]

Editions iPad Magazine, A Flipboard Competitor From AOL

For a while there was no app that competed with Flipboard which is an app that collects news of different genres from a different sources. Now AOL has released Editions, an iPad Magazine which seems be a real Flipboard competitor. editions Editions grabs the data from your social feeds which includes Facebook and Twitter and  [Read More…]

Amazon’s Kindle App Now Offers Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions

Amazon’s Kindle app for iOS was updated yesterday in order to comply with Apple’s latest in-app purchase terms and secure its place in the App Store. In addition to removing the link to its external Kindle store, however, did you notice that the update introduced more than 100 magazine and newspaper subscriptions to iOS? Each publication features high-resolution color images and is available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with  [Read More…]

How the Editor of Windows Magazine Became an Apple Fanboy

I’ve been in denial for a while, but it hit me so hard yesterday that I finally have to admit it: I’m an Apple fanboy. Once you hear my story, you’ll agree that if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. My first job out of college was as a reporter for a small California newspaper company in the late 1980s. It was a Mac shop. All the  [Read More…]