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Apple buys Prss, a publishing platform for iPad magazines

Apple has acquired Prss, a Dutch company that lets users easily create magazines for iPad and iPhone by way of a simple drag-and-drop interface, for selling in Apple’s Newsstand and other services like Kiosk. An inside source first reported the acquisition,…Read more ›

You Can Now Read Your Favorite Flipboard Magazines In Your Browser

Flipboard-webFlipboard is no longer a service that you can only enjoy on mobile devices. From today, more than 2 million magazines on every topic imaginable are available to read in your web browser. Each one boasts Flipboard’s signature look and feel, but they’re been optimized for the larger screen on your desktop. With Flipboard magazines […]

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Access Your Favorite Magazines Right From Your Tablet With Next Issue [Freebie]

CoM - NI

The tablet is more than a device that can be used to consume content from the web. Sure, it can also be used to create and communicate, but it can also be used consume the latest in digital magazines. This Cult of Mac Deals offer caters to the magazine lovers out there as we’ve got 2 months of unlimited access to Next Issue – for free!

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Get 2 Free Months Of Unlimited Access To Your Favorite Magazines [Freebie]

CoM - NextIssue

The tablet has become an indispensible reading device, and this Cult of Mac Deals offer is going to give you access to your favorite magazines right from your tablet…for free!

That’s right, Next Issue offers all-you-can-read access to over 80 of today’s most popular magazines on your tablet and thanks to Cult of Mac Deals now you can test it out with 2 free unlimited months of use. That’s  [Read More…]

Flipboard 2.0 Arrives With Customizable Magazines, Web Bookmarklet, Commenting, And More


Today Flipboard received a huge 2.0 update that brings a slew of new features and additions, most notably the ability to create custom magazines and share them with friends. You can assemble articles, photos, audio and video into a collage of content that Flipboard will format. It’s a big step towards putting curation in the hands of Flipboard users, and it’s implemented beautifully.

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Future Publishing Sells Over $8 Million In iPad Magazines

UK-based Future publishing announced earnings over the past year, claiming over $ 8 million in digital magazine sales, with over 12 million app downloads and five million subscribers. It offers its array of tech and sports themed magazines via Apple’s Newsstand and “container apps,” like Zinio.

The company announced today that the success really only came after Newsstand was released, a little under a year ago. “Sales of digital editions  [Read More…]

Tim Cook & Walter Isaacson Feature In TIME Magazines List Of Most Influential People

Cook’s really cooking as Apple’s new CEO.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and author Walter Isaacson, famous among Apple fans for his authorized Steve Jobs biography, have made TIME Magazines list of The Worlds 100 Most Influential People. Cooks complimentary report card was written by former Vice President of the United States and Apple board member Al Gore. Published today, the list also includes comedian Louis CK, footballer Lionel Messi, and  [Read More…]

Magazines Begin To Populate Apples Newsstand App

A few magazines have begun to populate Apples Newsstand app on the eve of the October 12th release of iOS 5.Right now the only two magazines that I could add to Newsstand were Wired and Popular Science. They only showed up on an iPad I wasnt able to find anything for the iPhone.   If you have access to an iPad running iOS 5 launch the App Store and search  [Read More…]