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How to Use iPhone Magnifier Camera

The latest versions of iOS for iPhone include an excellent Magnifier feature which can turn the iPhone camera and screen into a magnifying glass. This has many potential uses, but perhaps the most useful in day-to-day life is as a reading aid to read tiny text without squinting and straining your eyes. Instead, you can … Read More

$300 iPad Magnifier Stand For Folks As Dumb As They Are Short Sighted

Finally, the perfect gift for the myopic or sight-impaired person in your life! It’s called the U See Tablet Magnifier, and it’s a stand that turns your iPad into a giant, zoomable, battery-powered magnifying glass for short-sighted folks like me.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Adjust Font Size in Safari with Magnifier for Safari

Sometimes when viewing a webpage in Safari on your iDevice, you can have trouble reading the font and possibly even squint. All of us have experienced one way or another and can relate to this issue. Some have resorted to the “easy” solution by just zooming on the page. Although this is somewhat of a fix, zooming in takes you away from the entire page itself thus kind of ruining the easy viewing experience. Don’t  [Read More…]