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How Does Mailbox For iPhone Work With The Gmail Web Client? [iOS Tips]

gmail mailbox integration

One of the advantages of Mailbox only working with Gmail is that a lot of the conventions you’re already used to are present in this fantastic on-the-go email app for your iPhone. If you spend a lot of time on your iPhone using Mailbox, you might have wondered what it does with your mail when you archive, set to later, or add to a list.

Well, it’s really  [Read More…]

Star And Mark Mail Unread Using Mailbox for iPhone [iOS Tips]

Mailbox Unread Star

Mailbox for iPhone lets you send each email to a list, set it to snooze for a certain number of hours or days, or even just archive the email if you want.

In addition, you can mark emails as read or unread, and star them, just like in Gmail itself. THis gives you yet another way to sort and classify emails on the go, which also transfers easily  [Read More…]

Change Snooze Timing And Logic In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]

Mailbox Snoozes

Mailbox for iPhone is revolutionary, sure, and it lets you “snooze” your emails to a point later in the day, week, or month. But what if you don’t like the way it does that?

By default, Mailbox defines the start of your day as 6 am, the start of your weekend as 10 am, and the end of your workday as 6 pm. It defines Later Today as +4 hours,  [Read More…]

Undo That Mistaken Swipe In Mailbox For iPhone [iOS Tips]

mailbox swipe

One of the central conceits of new iOS mail client, Mailbox, is getting to Inbox Zero, a zen state of pure joy, in which you feel much better having dealt with all your email. The way the app does this is with swipes. Swipe partway across an email to the right and you archive it with a pleasant green checkmark. Swipe completely from left to right and you send the  [Read More…]

Batch Archive Or Delay All Messages In Mailbox App For The iPhone [iOS Tips]

Mailbox All Swipe

If you’re one of the lucky ones to have signed up for Mailbox, Orchestra’s amazing new email client for the iPhone, you know how great it is. It allows you to re-think how you deal with email on a daily basis. Mail messages can be archived, set to remind you at a later time or day, or placed in lists you create yourself all with a swipe of your  [Read More…]

Mailbox Updates With Shake To Undo, Enhanced Interface

Updated already? Shake it!

Updated already? Shake it!

Dropbox’s recent acquisition, Mailbox, has already updated, bringing a new shake to undo function, some user interface enhancements, and the requisite “bug fixes and performance optimizations.”

Mailbox garnered internet-wide attention for its approach to email, with a light, fast, mobile-friendly interface. Cult of Mac’s own John Brownlee called it the best email app he’s ever used. Messages are archived or trashed with a swipe, and  [Read More…]

That Was Fast: Mailbox For iOS Was Just Bought By Dropbox


Even though Mailbox for iOS has only been out for a month, it’s taken no time at all for the buzzworthy app to get bought up by a bigger fish.

Dropbox is buying Orchestra Inc., makers of the popular new email app, Mailbox, that allows users to control their email in a new way.

Dropbox announced the acquisition on the company blog this morning. According to a report from the  [Read More…]

Mailbox For iPhone Starts Coming Back Online After Being Down All Day

If Mailbox is going to be the future of email on the iPhone, then it still has a lot of growing to do.

If Mailbox is going to be the future of email on the iPhone, then it still has a lot of growing to do.

If you’re one of the 700,000+ iPhone users waiting to get into Mailbox, then you may be waiting for awhile. The third-party Gmail client underwent a massive  [Read More…]

How To Estimate How Long You’ll Have To Wait To Get Into Orchestra’s Mailbox App


We’re huge fans of Orchestra’s email inbox management app, Mailbox, here at Cult of Mac. Less popular around here? The extraordinary queue that Orchestra forces you to sit in before they’ll let you into the app.

The reason Orchestra has set it up this way is to prevent demand from crushing their servers, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying (for more info on Orchestra’s rationale, see this article). When  [Read More…]

Why You Have To Wait To Use Mailbox On Your iPhone

 Mailbox wait list

Few apps have managed to generate as much hype as Mailbox, a new email client for the iPhone. The company behind Mailbox, Orchestra, first teased the app late last year. Mailbox made its triumphant debut in the App Store this past week. Our own John Brownlee gave it a glowing review and called it, “a flawless execution of a great idea that will completely change how you deal with  [Read More…]