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Add Your Own Mailboxes To iOS 7 Mail App [iOS Tips]

We’ve shown you how to enable the hidden Smart Mailboxes in iOS 7, which is a great way to manage your email in Apple’s own built-in Mail app. If you’re like many of us, though, you’ll have a few folders…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Unibox Makes E-mail About People, Not Boring Old Mailboxes

There’s another new e-mail app available now for OS X, and it takes a different approach to your usual e-mail clients. It’s called Unibox, and it focusses on people, not messages. Unibox’s sidebar contains thumbnails of your contacts instead of…Read more ›

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Reveal Hidden “Smart Mailboxes” In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]

Smart Mailboxes

Just like we said yesterday, remember that any of the iOS 7 beta features and tips we share with you could change before the latest mobile operating system from Apple hits the streets this coming fall.

Also? Be sure that you’re not using a beta iOS 7 on an iPhone you need to get work done on–Apple has provided it without guarantee for developers to start working with, not  [Read More…]

Go To Favorite Mailboxes With Keyboard Shortcuts [OS X Tips]

Keyboard shortcuts are great. They let you do things on your Mac faster, letting you get to more stuff in less time. In Safari, for example, Command-1, -2, -3, and so on will open the sites in the Bookmarks Bar in order, from left to right.

There’s a Favorites Bar in the OS X Mail app that works similarly. You can drag Mailboxes that you use often to it. To show  [Read More…]

Rearrange Order of Mail Accounts and Mailboxes Easily in iOS 6

Rearrange Mail inboxes in iOs

Have multiple inboxes and different mail accounts set up on your iPhone or iPad? Changing the order of your mailboxes is easier than ever from iOS 6 onward, you don’t even have to go into Settings anymore. Instead, just do the following right from the Mail app:

Tap “Mailboxes” Tap “Edit” then drag mailboxes as desired Tap “Done” when finished

This is a great change for those  [Read More…]