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Maintain & Recall Command Line Clipboard History with iTerm 2

Mac users who spend a lot of time at the command line have yet another reason to use iTerm 2 as their default terminal client; clipboard history. Added in the most recent version of iTerm, a running history of OS X clipboard activity can be natively stored, recalled, and summoned directly in iTerm2, accessible through … Read More

9 Tricks to Ease a Cluttered Mac Desktop & Maintain Focus

Desktop clutter happens to the best of us, even if we try our hardest to maintain a remarkably simplified virtual workspace. Whether it’s way too many icons thrown all over the desktop from working with files, or just a million and one windows open for various apps, documents, and browser tabs, there are some simple ways to alleviate all of this, even if you’re right smack in the thick of things. The next time you’re inundated with some virtual clutter,  [Read More…]

Report: Order Cutbacks Due To iPhone 5 Being Initially Too Popular To Maintain

Apple iPhone

Earlier this week we heard reports that Apple is cutting back on the number of iPhone 5 parts they’ve ordered. Some felt that it was a sure sign that Apple is slipping and that the iPhone isn’t as popular anymore, while others have said everything’s just fine.

A new report claims that the iPhone 5 orders aren’t getting cutback because it’s not popular anymore, but that it was initially too popular  [Read More…]

IDC: Android To Maintain Strong Market Lead Over iOS During The Next Four Years

The International Data Corporation has published its most recent mobile market forecast and unsurprisingly, they’re predicting Android to maintain its strong market share lead over the next four years. In fact, there’s really not much surprising about the report at all.

The global mobile phone market will continue to grow, Android and iOS will continue to be the top two mobile operating systems, and Apple and Samsung will continue to be the  [Read More…]

Maintain Your Mac With The Mac Utility Bundle [Deals]

Stocking your Mac app up with apps that add value to your experience is something many of us – ot not all of us – do. But how many of us stock up on apps that maintain that level of experience? I’d wager to guess that the number is far, far lower.

Cult of Mac Deals is giving those who are part of the few to become part of the many, as  [Read More…]

Maintain File Ownership & Permissions When Copying With Duplicate Exactly in OS X

Duplicate Exactly in Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.7 and OS X 10.8 include a nice new ability to be able to duplicate and paste files exactly. Basically this means that if a file is owned by another user, Duplicate Exactly and Paste Exactly will preserve the files original ownership and permissions, rather than copy the file with the current user becoming the new owner. Duplicate Exactly Select a file  [Read More…]

Easily Backup Your Address Book Contacts To External Media And Maintain A Historical Archive [OS X Tips]

I ran into someone the other day and he told me that he had over 700 contacts in the Address Book app�on his Mac. He expressed concern about losing those contacts. I asked him, �are you performing backups on your Mac?� He wasn�t. We talked about the various ways he could backup his Mac (i.e. Time Machine, external drive, etc.), but I also shared a tip with him that focuses on  [Read More…]