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Martin Scorsese narrates Apple’s Oscar Night ad, “Make a film with iPad”

Ahead of tonight’s Academy Awards, Apple has just released a new video celebrating how iOS devices can help filmmakers. Called “Make a film with iPad,” the video shows student directors from the Los Angeles County High School. Directors featured include…Read more ›

Apple Runs “Make a Film with iPad” TV Ad Narrated by Martin Scorsese

Apple is running a new iPad commercial focused on film making, the ad is narrated by clips from director Martin Scorsese’s commencement speech at NYU from 2014. The commercial, which is similar in theme to the “Make Music with iPad” commercial (but not at all similar in audio), follows students at Los Angeles County High … Read More

Apple Runs New “Make Music with iPad” Commercial [Video]

Apple has started to run a new iPad ad focused on creating noise with the device, called ‘Make Music with iPad’. The commercial follows an artist known as “Elliphant” and shows how a song is composed using various apps on the iPad to write lyrics and make a beat. Accompanying the video is the following … Read More

Amazon’s new ‘Make an Offer’ option lets you negotiate prices with sellers

Seen a better deal elsewhere but want free Prime shipping? Amazon’s new “Make an Offer” option allows you to negotiate prices with sellers to bag a better deal. Just like eBay’s “Best Offer” function, it allows buyers to submit their…Read more ›

The iPad Air Costs Just $274 To Make… And Probably Uses IGZO Display Tech

The iPad Air might be the lightest iPad yet, and a true glimpse of the future of tablets, but Apple’s still managing to make a healthy profit on each tablet sold. In fact, iHS iSuppli pegs the build price of…Read more ›

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