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Wave Trip, From The Makers of Bad Hotel And Pugs Luv Beats, Is Coming January 22

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR0iUNVnfK8?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

Lucky Frame, developer behind indie hit iOS games Bad Hotel and Pugs Luv Beats, announced today that its anticipated follow-up game, Wave Trip, will release on January 22, 2012. So, in just two short weeks, you’ll be able to control a mysterious geometric astronaut, helping her travel through worlds of beauty as well as danger, saving her friends via music and beat-based gameplay.

You’ll also be able to create your own Wave Trip levels and share them  [Read More…]

Apple, Samsung The Only Two Smartphone Makers Seeing Growth In U.S.


Apple and Samsung are the only two smartphone manufacturers currently seeing any growth in the United States. The pair are slowly eating away at the market share held by their rivals, including LG, Motorola, Research in Motion, and HTC. In the three months leading up to November 2012, Samsung increased its market share from 25.7% to 26.9%, but Apple is catching up with the Cupertino company enjoying slightly more growth.

Apple’s  [Read More…]

Chinese Case Makers Are Already Selling Thicker “iPad 2S” Cases

Aside from last year’s predictions for an all-new iPhone 5, case manufacturers have traditionally been a good source of information for forthcoming Apple devices. Take the iPad 2, for example. We had a good idea what the device would look like before it launched thanks to cases produced by several Chinese manufacturers. It’s no surprise to us, then, that manufacturers are already building cases for the third-generation iPad, but what do they  [Read More…]

Case Makers Are Already Hyping iPad 3 Cases In The iLounge Pavilion [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – This Chinese case maker, the Shenzhen Reflying Corporation, is already hyping their apparently incredible iPad 3 cases at their iLounge booth. Unfortunately, upon being asked to see one of the cases, Reflying’s representative sheepishly admitted that they didn’t have any inside intel on the iPad 3, or any prototypes knocking about. Instead, they apparently want everyone  [Read More…]

Infinity Blade Makers Collect $30 Million In Revenue After One Year

Epic Games, the makers of popular iOS title Infinity Blade, reported a staggering $ 10 million in revenue last summer from the sales of their original title in the App Store. After the release of the highly-anticpated Infinity Blade II last month, Epic Games has announced that it has now collected over $ 30 million in revenue. Epic Games, Inc. and its award-winning Salt Lake  [Read More…]

The Daily Show Hilariously Skewers Predatory Freemium Game Makers [Humor]

Here at Cult of Mac, we’ve got our own axe-to-grind against freemium App Store games that try to get kids to max out their daddy’s credit cards with expensive in-app purchases, so it’s nice to see The Daily Show take freemium game makers to town in an absolutely hilarious, spot-on segment that shows how scummy these waters of the App Store can really be.   The report is by Daily Show correspondent Aasiv Mandvi, who reports primarily on a game  [Read More…]

Senator Al Franken Demands Answers From Carriers, Phone Makers About Carrier IQ Use

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, who happens to head the Senate Security Panel, continues to hold no punches in his effort to get to the bottom of the Carrier IQ debacle. Franken sent a letter to Carrier IQ earlier in the week asking Carrier IQ to specifically state what data are logged, what data are transmitted and whether or not they believe they operate in accordance with federal privacy laws forbidding wiretapping. Franken has now  [Read More…]

Apple’s iTV Will Come Out In Early 2012, And It Has TV Makers Panicked [Report]

Photo by Thomas Hawk – http://flic.kr/p/5FefCC

Apple has a tendency to make businesses nervous — just ask the CD folks assimilated into the iTunes universe, or the companies swept aside by the iPhone in 2007. A similar nervous tick is growing in the television set manufacturing business, already skating on razor-thin margins. TV makers reportedly are snooping around for details on an Apple-designed iTV that could start production in February,  [Read More…]

PC Makers Wave the White Flag: You Win, iPad [Report]

Photo by leondel – http://flic.kr/p/9KEJTp

High-profile PC makers such as HP and Dell may be preparing to “gradually phase out” of the tablet business, leaving the market to Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablets. The rumored sea change follows the realization that best-selling tablets make money from the content they pump out, not from selling the hardware.   Taiwan-based DigiTimes cites unnamed “sources from upstream  [Read More…]

iOS And Android Games Are Killing Console Makers In Mobile [Report]

The console gaming industry has been suffering as of late, with companies like Nintendo reporting record losses and hardware price cuts. On the opposite side of the coin, the mobile game industry has skyrocketed to the forefront of innovation and user adoption, thanks largely to the mass distribution provided by the App Store. A new report by Flurry Analytics shows how the iOS and Android platforms are absolutely  [Read More…]