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Realmac Software Makes Clear Free For 24 Hours

Clear, the popular to-do list management tool for iOS from Realmac Software, is now free for the next 24 hours. The promotion is designed to give those who purchased the now defunct Clear+ the opportunity to migrate to the original… Read more ›     

If you have a soft spot for beautiful book bound notebooks like the famous Oxford Black n’ Red, then you’re going to love the SLIMS for iPad mini from BUKcase. Made using traditional book binding techniques, it’s almost identical at… Read more ›     

Fuelband SE by Nike Category: Activity tracker Works With: iOS devices Price: $ 149.95 Until Apple finally comes out with its eagerly anticipated iWatch, Nike — at least in terms of style — is perhaps the closest thing to Apple in… Read more ›     

After what seems like a lifetime of anticipation, Final Fantasy VI for iOS has finally touched down in the App Store. Representing the FF series at its 2D peak, the game (which originally hit consoles back in 1994) takes place… Read more ›     

Chil’s Notchbook iPad Air case has one great feature that sets it apart form other cases. There’s a notch, or rather a slice, cut into the bottom of the front cover just next to the spine, and this notch lets… Read more ›     

SmartPlane by TobyRich Category: Bluetooth airplane Works With: iOS devices Price: €69 While there are a whole lot of smartphone-controlled helicopters on the market, there are surprisingly few smartphone controlled planes available. It is this niche that German toy company… Read more ›     

If you’ve been thinking about ditching your iPhone for an Android-powered smartphone, but you’ve been put off by the time and effort it takes to transfer all of your data, you no longer have an excuse not to make the… Read more ›     

Humming Timing — Utilities — Free I’ve featured timers here before, but this is one you should definitely check out. Humming Timing looks at other time-keeping apps and wonders why they have to be so quiet. Its solution: to make… Read more ›     

In an era where Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme with quick messaging and bit-size snapshots of stories, iPhone users looking for a free platform to share long stories have had to make do with ugly work arounds – like stuffing… Read more ›