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Android Malware Increases 472% Since July, iOS Nearly Untouched

Apple owners have long touted the OS X operating system as infinitely safer than Windows and it appears this safety has extended to iOS. A new report by the Juniper Global Threat Center (JGTC) claims Android malware has increased nearly five-fold since July while iOS remains relatively untouched. According to JGTC the amount of Android Malware increased by 472% from July to the middle of November of this year. Between the summer of 2009 and  [Read More…]

Europe Thinks App Stores Should Work Together To Stop Malware

Rival app stores should cooperate to improve the security of their downloads, an EU security agency advised. The security of apps should be as important as its functionality, the group argued Tuesday. “Currently, there is no incentive for, example, Android developers to invest in a lot of security, because their apps will be listed with less secure apps that were developed in one day by amateurs,” said Marnix Dekker, co-author of  [Read More…]

McAfee: Android Malware Rapidly Grows 76% While iOS Is Unaffected

Image courtesy of AndroidHeadlines.com

The security experts at McAfee have published details of a new study that found during the second quarter of 2011, Android-powered devices faced a staggering 76% increase in malware than that of the first quarter — while Apple’s iOS devices remained unaffected by malicious exploits. In its Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report, relayed by Electronista, McAfee noted that the “threat landscape of 2011 is undergoing a year of chaos and  [Read More…]

Rogue Company Behind MacDefender Malware Busted In Russia

Remember MacDefender? It was the first really big piece of malware to hit the Mac operating system, and was a huge problem for Apple’s tech support teams… such a huge problem, in fact, that Apple introduced a self-updating anti-malware database into OS X, which basically killed MacDefender and its variants off. MacDefender worked by tricking users into believing that they’d been infected by malware (which they in fact had —  [Read More…]

iOS Users, Start Your Gloating! Android Is Riddled With Malware, Researchers Say [Security]

Beware Android users, malware authors are picking Google’s platform as their first foray into mobile mayhem, security researchers say. Interestingly, there’s no mention of malware using Apple’s iOS.   “As mobile devices grow in popularity, so do the incentives for attackers,” said Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Lookout Mobile Security. The prevalence and sophistication of mobile malware attacks have “evolve[d] significantly in the first six months of 2011,”  [Read More…]

Nasty Android Malware Secretly Records and Saves Your Calls [Report]

artwork by Andrew Champ • http://bit.ly/mQ4Htl

Apple’s main mobile competitor, Android, isn’t exactly known for being the most secure platform. While Google’s ‘open’ mentality has proven beneficial in many ways for the Android OS, a non-curated system often leads to compromises in security. We’ve already seen numerous malware programs surface on the Android OS, and the latest one is particularly villainous. CA Technologies has discovered a new piece of Android malware that disguises itself as a normal  [Read More…]

Hacker: Your MacBook’s Battery Is Vulnerable To Viruses, Malware and Meltdown

Still worried about MacDefender? That’s nothing: a new security vulnerability in MacBook batteries means that it’s possible that future hackers won’t just try to steal your credit card numbers, but might actually cause your computer to meltdown instead. The vulnerability was discovered by Accuvant security researcher Charlie Miller, who says that Apple’s MacBook batteries use default passwords on their MacBooks. Why’s that a problem? Well, because the batteries use default  [Read More…]

VirusBarrier, The First Antivirus And Malware Scanner For iPhone and iPad

Aside from an occasional threat that pops up every so often, Mac and iOS are almost Malware-safe. Despite that Intego – Mac OS X anti-malware maker – has developed a Malware scanner for iOS devices. VirusBarrier Scans places where malware is the likeliest to be stored at, such as the user’s Dropbox folder, as well as Mail attachments and other locations within iOS that are directly exposed to users. This  [Read More…]

MacDefender New Malware Defeats Latest Mac OS X Security Update

A week ago a document surfaced on Apple’s website which said that the company planned on releasing a Mac OS X software update in the next couple of days to automatically detect and remove MacDefender, a popular malware that has infected Mac machines at large.Well Apple did release the latest Mac OS X security update, but a new version of MacDefender is already out defeating the security update and still infecting Macs. [Read More…]

Apple Releases OS X Update to Quarantine MAC Defender Malware

The much covered MAC Defender malware and inaction on Apple’s part clean up the mess, has finally been fixed. Apple released a Security Update today which adds malware detection and removal for the “MAC Defender” malware. Using the malware list Apple has been keeping since 2009 the update adds a tool to SnowLeopard that removes malware based on the list. The simple File Quarantine feature, added to OS X when Snow Leopard first came out,  [Read More…]