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First Update For ‘Man Of Steel’ iOS Game Flies In A New Chapter And Price Drop

I believe I can fly.The first update for Warner Bros’ Man of Steel iOS game is here, and it’s got new story content and a new Superman suit to purchase. The new Skin suit from Krypton gives Kal-El a boost to his power, health, and defense. No more kneeling before Zod! The game itself is a 3D action brawler […]

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‘Man Of Steel’ iOS Game Available In App Store For $3


Going to see Man of Steel this weekend? Then check out the official iOS game by Warner Bros. You fly around as Supes and beat on General Zod and his posse.

The gameplay looks decently fun for an iOS title, although the graphics leave much to be desired.

General Zod has begun the invasion of Earth and only the Man of Steel can stop him. Utilize the powers of Superman to fight  [Read More…]

New Hard Drive Enclosure Has Almost Every Advanced Input Known to Man. Almost

Akitio�s pretty new alloy enclosure has a back full of inputs: eSATA, USB 3.0 and two FireWire 800 ports.�There�s no way to jack in a Thunderbolt connection, though.

The SK-3501 Super-S3 is stackable and fanless, with a perforated front panel and heat sink providing cooling duty.� The enclosure sells for $ 150, and you�ll still need your own�3.5?�drive to pop inside; luckily, storage guts are fairly inexpensive these days.