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Buddhist temple refuses man’s iPhone 6 donation

It was recently Chinese New Year, and to celebrate, thousands of people flocked to a well-known Buddhist temple in the country’s Guangdong province to make offerings. One Apple super-fan apparently decided to eschew cash donations for something far more valuable, however: his new…

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One man’s progress bar is another man’s artistic expression

That other man being, in this case, freelance graphic designer Viktor Hertz, who spends some of his time making fun little art pieces out of Macintosh progress bars. He calls this project his “work in progress bars,” and you can…

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Taking Pictures With An iPad Just Saved This Man’s Life [Video]


This man’s face is about to get smashed by a softball

Taking pictures with an iPad is a no-no. I don’t care if you’re Spike Lee, just don’t do it. Ever.

The only time it is acceptable to take pictures in a public place with your iPad, is if it’s going to save your life by preventing a softball from ramming through your skull.

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