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Is iOS 6 Maps A Disappointment, Or Understandable First Gen Product? [Let’s Talk]

Since iOS 6 came out yesterday, everyone has been dog piling on the new Maps app talking about how terrible it is (us included). There’s even an entire Tumlr dedicated to how badly it sucks.  Is everyone being too hard on Apple for trying to build their own Maps platform? Or should Apple have kept Google Maps around?

What do you think? It seems like iOS Maps might be an understandable  [Read More…]

The Best Review Yet Of iOS 6 Maps [Humor]

In case you don’t get the reference. More (real) iOS 6 Maps disasters can be found in our gallery here.

Via: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps

Not Thrilled with Apple Maps in iOS 6? Bing Maps is a Decent Replacement

Bing Maps on iPhone

The primary shortcoming of iOS 6 for some people is Apple’s new Maps app. Sure, it’ll get better as more people use it and as Apple updates it, but if you’re highly dependent on reliable detailed maps right now you may not want to wait. An official Google Maps app for iOS is likely coming soon, but there’s already a good third party maps app available to iOS  [Read More…]

Irish Minister Concerned That The Crumminess Of iOS 6 Maps Will Result In Planes Crashing In Dublin

This is not an airport, iOS 6.

iOS 6′s Maps is the biggest criticism of Apple’s new mobile operating system. In short, it’s clearly years behind Google Maps, which previously powered Maps in past versions of iOS. Most of the times, complaints about Apple’s new Maps involve the latter of being under-developed and unreliable compared to Google Maps, but the Irish government has a different concern: they are worried that iOS 6  [Read More…]

Enable Live Traffic Colors In Maps On Your iPhone or iPad [iOS Tips]

While this tip may be moot once iOS 6 happens, it’s still available to you right now.

When you’re in a big city trying to drive somewhere, the route you may choose will vary depending on traffic conditions. There are a ton of third-party apps out there that can help figure out traffic, but why not just use one that’s already on your iPhone? Maps will do the job, and  [Read More…]

Like Apple, Amazon Disses Google Maps In Upcoming Kindle Fire Revision

Amazon follows Apple’s lead and decides against Google Maps for upcoming Kindle Fire revision.

Apple’s decision to ditch Google Maps in favor of its own mapping technology in iOS 6 wasn’t much a surprise. However, Amazon’s decision to reject Google Maps in its second generation Kindle Fire tablet is a bit of surprise – particularly since the Kindle Fire is an Android device.

Unlike Apple, Amazon isn’t developing its own mapping systems.  [Read More…]

Show Live Traffic in Google Maps on iPhone & iPad

Show Traffic on Maps for iPhone

The next time you’re using Maps on an iPhone or iPad to get directions to get from point A to point B, do yourself a huge favor and use the Live Traffic feature to help plan your route. From the Maps app here is see live traffic in any area:

Tap the page curl icon in the corner of Maps Tap the “Show Traffic” button, then  [Read More…]

Apple’s 3D Maps In iOS 6 Are Insanely Detailed When Compared With Google’s [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7BBOVeeSBE]

Google tried to beat Apple to the punch when it announced the Google Maps 3D view right before WWDC, but Apple still blew everyone away with its own 3D Maps technology in iOS 6. And even though Apple’s new Maps app is in developer beta, twice as many cites are 3D compatible in iOS 6 than Google Maps!

The above video compares Apple’s 3D Maps with Google’s in great detail. Make sure to check out Jeff of iDownloadBlog’s  [Read More…]

Google Just Brought 3-D Maps To iOS Before Apple Could

With iOS 6, Apple is looking to replace Google Maps with their own Cupertino solution that also provides 3-D maps of cities across the globe. Google isn’t going down without a fight though, so they just updated their Google Earth app for iOS to include 3-D maps before people get comfy with Apple’s Flyover solution in iOS 6.

Some Android phones have had Google’s 3-D maps since June, but the  [Read More…]

Dashboard for Maps Updated With iPad Support

One of our long-time favorite jailbreak tweaks for iOS has been updated today with support for the iPad –Dashboard for Maps by iOS developer Evan Coleman brings you a speedometer, compass, and altimeter right to the Maps application and it overlays the map nicely. Being that the tweak worked so well for the iPhone, Coleman states that it only “seemed natural” to bring it to the iPad as well. It works just as well on the iPad as  [Read More…]