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Uber speeds off with senior Apple Maps engineer

Uber has just poached one of Apple’s senior engineering manager, who worked on both the company’s Maps app and its iPhone software, says subscription website The Information. The senior iOS engineer in question, Chris Blumenberg, was among the first engineers…Read more ›

Apple begins purging Google Maps from iCloud.com

Two years after Apple replaced Google with its own Maps app in iOS 6, the last remnant of Google Maps in Apple’s ecosystem is getting the boot. Apple has begun switching to its own mapping service for the Find My…Read more ›

Show a Scale Indicator in Maps for Mac OS X

The Maps app in Mac OS X is a useful tool to pre-plan routes, generate map files for offline usage, send directions to an iPhone, and much more, but one critical cartographic component that’s missing by default from all Maps views is any sort of scale indicator, making it difficult to get an idea of … Read More

Apple is now updating Maps data every single day

Since it was first released as part of iOS 6, Apple Maps has gotten a partially deserved bad rap. Although nowhere near as bad as it was at release, Apple Maps has a reputation for being unreliable compared to options…Read more ›

Apple’s latest acquisition could make Maps more social

Apple could be looking to make the Maps app more of a social experience. TechCrunch reports that Apple has bought Spotsetter, a service that let users search for places based on recommendations from friends. Spotsetter worked kind of like Foursquare, expect…Read more ›

Google Maps now tells you which lane to drive in

Google Maps continued to show why its the best app for directions on any platform this morning with a huge update that packs a number of small tweaks, along with one huge feature that will make following turn-by-turn directions easier and…Read more ›

You haven’t seen the last of Nokia Here Maps for Android and iOS

Having sold its handset business to Microsoft, Nokia has plenty of time on its hands to devote to other projects (probably). The Finnish firm has already announced that it will invest $ 100 million in car connectivity, and according to a new job…Read more ›

Google sends mystery gifts to those who found all 151 Pokémon in Google Maps

When Google announced the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge for April Fools’ Day, I immediately opened the app on my phone and began my hunt for little pocket monsters. Unfortunately, the novelty was short-lived, and I only found about 15 before…Read more ›

Find an Interesting Spot? Share a Maps Location with Someone Else from OS X

The Maps app in OS X makes it simple to share locations with others, even if the location isn’t defined and just in the middle of nowhere. This is a great trick for many reasons, whether to share a nice spot you found in the city, share with your partner where you left the car … Read More

Get Lost In QuizUp’s New Google Maps Topic

As the old song goes, “Google Maps and QuizUp, sitting in a tree, now both visible from low-Earth orbit.” It’s not catchy, but it is true – now the super-addictive trivia game has a Google Maps channel. Satellite imagery form…Read more ›    [Read More…]