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Realmac tells us how it built the best Markdown editor for Mac

Realmac Software has been schooling developers on how to make great apps since 2002. So when they brought Typed to OS X back in December, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Two months on, I’m convinced it’s…

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Letter, A Beautiful Markdown App Just For Writing Emails

  Have you ever responded to an e-mail from your boss with some angry knee-jerk reply, then you’ve accidentally sent it, only to regret it later as you sweep the contents of your desk into a cardboard filing box? Me…

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MarkDrop: A New Minimalistic Markdown Editor For The Mac

MarkDrop is a new Markdown editor for the Mac that displays a minimalistic editor on the left and a preview window on the right that updates in real time. The app prides itself on a clean interface, and you can…

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Lazy Reference Links Make Markdown Even Easier

This one’s pretty nerdy, but if you use Markdown to write anything with links in it (web articles, e-mails and so on) then you’re going to love it. It lets you use “lazy” reference links in Markdown to keep your…

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Brett Terpstra’s Marked 2 Is Essential For Mac Markdown Users

toc-fullIf you write in Markdown on your Mac, then you should buy Brett Terpstra’s Marked 2. It could be described as a tool for previewing Markdown files, but that would be like calling an iPhone a… well, a phone. To be honest, I’ve been using the Marked 2 betas for so long now that I […]

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Markdown to MindMap, Another Great Servcie From Brett Terpstra

markmindmapMind Maps are a great way to brainstorm and visualize ideas. And plain text is a great way to hammer out lists. And Markdown is a perfect tool for quickly adding hierarchy to those lists as you write them. If only there were a way to combine these three things… And guess what? The fairy […]

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Brett Terpstra’s GrabLinks Bookmarklet Saves Batches Of Links As Markdown Lists

Another supposed holiday; another super-useful tool from Brett “I just built this” Terpstra. This one is called GrabLinks, and it does just that: Fire the bookmarklet off inside your browser and you can quickly grab a bunch of links and save them out in Markdown. Nerdy? Sure. Useful? Hell yes. The bookmarklet is pretty clever […]

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MakeDoc For iOS Turns Beautiful Markdown Files Into DOCX Monstrosities

MakeDoc is a single-serve iOS app which costs just $ 3. That’s a lot less than the app it might replace for many of you: Microsoft Word. MarkDoc does (mostly) one thing: it takes a clipboard filled with Markdown text and turns it into a DOCX file. That’s it.

Well, that’s almost it – makeDoc will perform the same conversion trick using OPML and plain text files for the source text. Most Markdown  [Read More…]

MacSparky’s New Field Guide: Markdown [Books]

There’s some irony in the fact that David Sparks’ (MacSparky) book on Markdown – a format dedicated to being as simple as possible – is published as an iBook which contains audio, video, screenshots and everything else, along with its text.

But if you are either Markdown-curious, or a hardcore Markdown user who just wants to nerd out for an afternoon or two, it’s worth checking out.

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OS X System Service Gives One-Click, In-Place Markdown to Rich Text Conversion

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXmiW5cnkOM?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

The hardest working nerd and code-wizard on the internet, Brett “I just built this” Terpstra, has added a rather great new feature to his Markdown Service Tools pack for the Mac. Among many other updates, you can now convert Markdown to rich text, in-line.

The Service Tools are pretty much essential if you write in Markdown on your Mac. They are a bunch of System Services which sit in the Services menu (and can be assigned keyboard  [Read More…]