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E-Ink Keyboard Concept Marries Best Of Touch And Physical Keys

Remember the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev? No, me either. But if I did I’d probably recall the LED keycaps which had two distinct functions: One, to display a tiny image on top of each key and two, to send the cost of the keyboard through the roof.

Today we bring you the e-ink keyboard, which is the same kind of thing, only way more practical.

The idea of the e-ink keycaps on  [Read More…]

Sena Florence iPad 2 Case: Style Marries Function, Lives Happily Ever After [Review]

No doubt, leather requires some sacrifice. Those who want their iPads wrapped with animal hide usually have to make do with considerably more bulk, less usability or less money in the bank account — or, most often, all three. But Sena’s new Florence iPad 2 case ($ 70) is a surprising exception.   What’s Hot: There’s nothing to give up with this case; it offers all the prized  features an  [Read More…]