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Coen brothers mashup is a creepy meditation on meaning of life

“Sometimes the more you look,” says Tony Shaloub as Freddy Riedenschneider in The Man Who Wasn’t There, “the less you really know.” Which, of course, sounds like the main theme of almost any Coen brothers film you might have seen;…Read more ›

The Force meets tower defense in new Star Wars game mashup

If the sheer volume of tower defense games on the App Store is any indication, people (and developers) love them. Defending your base against endless hordes of creeps is a wonderful way to spend some gaming time on your portable…Read more ›

Game of Thrones meets Super Mario Brothers in epic mashup

This video by game video YouTube user NicksplosionFX is perhaps the most awesome thing you’re going to see all day. It’s a shot by shot recreation of the stunningly fantastic Game of Thrones television show introduction sequence done in the…Read more ›

Come Back For More Of Addictive Battle Arena Strategy Mashup The Gate [Review]

I’ve played digital card games on my iPad before, including some heavy hitters like Might And Magic: Duel Of Champions and Magic 2014. I’ve played some real-time battle arena games, like Raid Leader or Skulls of the Shogun, and enjoyed…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Ski Safari: Adventure Time Takes Its Manic Mashup Mobile

The latest game in the Adventure Time series of mobile games will go live on Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and in Apple’s own iTunes App Store this Thursday, according to Cartoon Network. You’ll get to play as main…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Unlock The Gate, A New Card/RTS Mashup From American McGee

Spicy Horse Games (Akaneiro), the studio spearheaded by American McGee (American McGee’s Alice), and DeNA (owner of mobile games studios Mobage and ngmoco;), announced today that iOS game The Gate is now ready in the App Store for iPhone, iPad…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Mashup Portrait of Steve Jobs + Ayn Rand Fetches $210,000

Artist David Datuna created a striking portrait of Steve Jobs titled Viewpoint of Millions. Shown at the recent international art fair Scope Miami, it became one of the most expensive art pieces sold at the fair, fetching $ 210,000. It was created from a background pattern of thousands of miniature images of author/philosopher Ayn Rand; the large format iconic portrait rests under a wall of optical lenses  [Read More…]