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Visa, MasterCard follow Apple Pay’s lead with beefed-up security

Apple wasn’t kidding when it said Apple Pay would transform mobile payments. Built around easy of use and security, Apple Pay is the industry’s first solution that benefits users and banks. The security aspect of Apple Pay has been especially crucial to…Read more ›

Gwen Stefani blasts Apple Pay users with surprises for MasterCard

MasterCard is keeping the Apple Pay party going with a new ad featuring Gwen Stefani who’s been armed with a ‘Surprise launcher’ to blast cardholders with cool prizes each time they use Apple Pay. The ad is part of MasterCard’s new…Read more ›

Apple adds American Express, Visa, MasterCard as mobile payment partners

After years of reports saying that NFC is coming to the iPhone for mobile payments, it looks like it will finally be a reality on September 9th. Part leaks have indicated that Apple’s next-gen iPhone hardware will indeed be equipped…Read more ›