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Art Authority puts centuries’ worth of masterpieces onto your iPad

Today marks five years since the iPad first went on sale and, to celebrate, the superb app Art Authority (which also celebrates its fifth anniversary) is slashing its price from $ 9.99 to zero for one day only. For those unfamiliar…Read more ›

Super Bowl commercials become Lego masterpieces in ‘Brick Bowl’

You’ve surely seen the ultra-expensive Super Bowl commercials by now (and if you haven’t check out our round up), but I doubt you took time to recreate your favorites as stop-motion Lego animations. That’s precisely what A+C Studios did, however,…Read more ›

Meet the artist who creates surreal masterpieces with his iPhone

A brilliant white lightning bolt strikes the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In Venice, Italy, a whale splashes joyfully through a street system made up of canals. In New York, an elephant is lifted high into the sky by a mass…Read more ›

Dirty car artist leaves masterpieces in the dust

He is an Eagle Scout, a versatile bar-band drummer and a senior GUI designer for a company that creates mobile apps for the health care industry. But Scott Wade is famous for drawing dirty pictures. It’s not the content that…Read more ›

New Photo App Pxl Turns Your Ordinary Photos Into Abstract Art Masterpieces

There is certainly no shortage of Photography apps in the iOS store that promise to do magical things to your snapshots. Users can turn their photos into vintage looking pictures via Instagram, transform faces into comic book art with Halftone, or do weird things with Percolator, but this latest app is a bit different from all the rest. Pxl is a new app available for iPhone and iPad that transforms  [Read More…]