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Apple’s on the hunt for music masters who know their pop culture

iTunes might currently be flagging compared to rivals like Spotify, but it seems that Apple has some big ideas to bolster its music services — and unlike many companies in Silicon Valley, they’re not going to be based solely on…Read more ›

World’s first 24-karat gold iPhone 6 is ready for masters of the universe

While the rest of us waited to get an iPhone 6 over launch weekend, an elite few were anticipating an exclusive variant: a custom 24-karat gold version of Apple’s next-generation handset. The waiting list of exclusive customers includes music industry…Read more ›

Time your Mac life according to the Zen masters with Zen Clock [Sponsored post]

This post is brought to you by Alamex Ltd, creator of Zen Clock. Are you busy on your Mac all the time? Does that little clock in the top right hand corner of your screen govern your life, at least…Read more ›

Mac Setup: Desk of a Masters Student

Mac desk of a Masters Student

This weeks Mac setup comes to us from Mike L., a Masters student in International Relations who uses his Apple gear for coursework, research, photo and video editing, and some fun too. Hardware shown includes:

MacBook Pro 15″ with Retina display – 2.6GHz Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD Iiyama 22″ Full HD LCD Display iPad 2 16GB Apple Wireless Keyboard Apple Wireless Mouse XBox 360  [Read More…]

Pokemon-Like Little Masters Finally Hitting The App Store Tomorrow

It’s nearly here!

RememberLittle Masters?Of course you do it’s the hugely promisingPokemonclone we told you about back in July that’s coming to iOS. Well, after a lengthy wait for App Store approval, the game is finally coming to the App Store tomorrow, September 6.

The app’s developers told readers over at the TouchArcade forum:

Good news! If everything goes well, the game will be available on the App Store Internationally on  [Read More…]