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iPhone SE proves size doesn’t matter [Reviews]

I forgot how good it feels to hold 4 inches of magic in my hands. Spending the past year and a half with the luxurious 5.5-inch screen of the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s nearly convinced me that bigger really is better. But after using the iPhone SE, I’m starting to rethink everything I love […]

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No matter your needs, there’s a portable charger here for you [Deals]

More of the things we can’t leave home without have batteries. That means a greater chance for frustration over forgotten chargers and occupied wall outlets, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve found a charger for every situation, and almost any budget. Limefuel Blast 20000mAh Battery Pack – 26% off This sleek battery […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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A micro flier that proves drones are big fun no matter the size [Deals]

Lots of us want a drone, but not all of us have the space for a giant four-rotored helicopter in our lives, let alone the cash. Thankfully, drones are a bunch of fun at any size, which the tiny AERIUS Drone proves in a big way. It’s one of the smallest fully functioning drones you […]

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What does ‘fitness’ mean and why does it matter?

Many people say they want to get fit, but what does this actually mean? Fit for what? The websites of leading fitness trackers, like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Microsoft Band and Jawbone Up don’t shed much light on this question. They talk…Read more ›

‘Albums still matter’: 20 records you should savor end-to-end

When Prince presented the Grammy for best album this week, he made an impassioned case for a musical format that many seem ready to write off as dead. “Albums, remember those?” he said. “Albums still matter. Albums, like books and…Read more ›

Record multi-track songs with your friends no matter where they are

Two years ago, Nick den Engelsman started a band with a couple of friends. As they worked on recording songs, life got in the way, what with getting jobs, getting married, having babies, and the like. The group decided it…Read more ›

Thermodo puts the temperature in your pocket no matter where you are

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but what do you use when you want to know the exact temperature where you are right now? That’s the question that drove app company Robocat to make Thermodo, a small thermometer that…Read more ›

The iKlip Stand Sets The iPad in Front of Your Face No Matter What

iklip_stand  As apparent through the company’s tagline “musicians first,” IK Multimedia generally makes stuff for musicians; but their new iKlip iPad stand should also fit a ton of scenarios that have absolutely nothing to do with music. The stand combines a wide-stance, stable, metal-reinforced base with a tall neck that ends in a frame that […]

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Mozilla: It Doesn’t Matter How “Delicious” Apple And Android Are, We Need More Options

And one of those options is supposed to be Firefox OS.

And one of those options is supposed to be Firefox OS.

Yesterday we showed you the ZTE Open, the first entry-level smartphone running Mozilla’s new Firefox OS. Other companies, like Sony, are planning to release Firefox OS phones as well. Mozilla has been trying to get the word out at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Why the Apple iWatch and Google Glass Don’t Matter



The Apple iWatch and Google Glass are both coming soon, apparently.

We don’t have all the details on either product. And we can’t even be 100% sure that the Apple wristwatch is going to happen at all. But most knowledgeable tech fans are expecting both and looking forward to seeing, buying and using them.

Excitement is warranted. No, I mean serious, pure geek joy is definitely called for. But not  [Read More…]