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Why the departure of Apple designer Daniel Coster matters

The departure of veteran Apple industrial designer Daniel Coster is significant because, like the Mafia, no one ever leaves Jony Ive’s design studio. Coster, a core member of Apple’s design team for more than 20 years, is perhaps only the third member of Ive’s tight-knit industrial design group to leave in almost two decades. And […]

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Size matters: How to increase text size on Apple Watch

As I get older, I find myself having to get a little closer to my iPhone and Apple Watch to see what it says. It’s a trade-off for still being alive at my advanced age. If you’re having a hard…Read more ›

Cheap Chromebooks teach Apple a lesson: Price matters

Apple and Google are very interested in taking over the U.S. education market from Microsoft, but when it comes to capturing marketshare, the Chromebook is teaching Apple an important lesson: Price matters. For the first time ever, Google has passed…Read more ›

Size matters: Samsung plots giant, 13-inch tablet to beat iPad

Samsung as good as pioneered the “bigger is better” approach to mobile device display size, so what do you do when Apple plans to launch a 12.9-inch iPad to compete with your Galaxy Note Pro 12.2? Build a bigger tablet,…Read more ›

Size matters: iPhone 6 Plus could make up 60% of iPhone shipments

Apple’s 5.5-inch “phablet” iPhone 6 Plus may still be in short supply, but according to supply chain sources it’s likely to wind up accounting for a whopping 60% of total iPhone 6 family shipments. Prior to the iPhone 6 Plus’…Read more ›

What we’re playing: The 12 best new games on every platform that matters

Tim Cook Met With China Mobile Tuesday To Discuss ‘Matters Of Cooperation’

Tim-Cook-ChinaWith competition around the iPhone at an all-time high, Apple could use a huge boost in sales numbers, so Tim Cook made another visit to Beijing this week to recruit the world’s biggest mobile carrier, China Mobile, to bring the iPhone to its network. China Mobile Chairman Xi Guohua was on hand Tuesday to meet […]

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Why The Mac Pro Matters And Why It Isnt Designed For Most Mac Users

The Mac Pro is the most PC-like Mac, but it serves niches that other Macs and PCs cant

Apple quietly updated its Mac Pro line last week. The update was an important move even though the actual changes were so minor as to be barely noteworthy. The minor refresh gave high computing customers a sense of confidence that Apple wasnt going to abandon the Mac Pro line anytime soon. That  [Read More…]