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How to Use Virtual Backgrounds in Webex Meetings on iPhone & iPad

If you use Cisco’s Webex Meetings to make or join video conference calls for remote meetings, online classrooms, or social events during this self-isolation period or otherwise, you’ll be interested in the Virtual Backgrounds feature that this service has to offer. Webex’s Virtual Backgrounds feature allows users to mask their actual backgrounds using an image … Read More

How to Use Webex Meetings for Videoconferencing on iPhone & iPad

Cisco Webex Meetings is a business-oriented video conferencing solution that currently offers a free way to set up and organize video calls for remote meetings, work or online classes during this social distancing period. Webex makes video conferencing quite easy, so whether you’re telecommuting, working with people remotely, or stuck at home in quarantine, if … Read More

The secret sushi spot Steve Jobs used to host board meetings

Notorious vegetarian Steve Jobs had few weakness. Black turtlenecks were one. The other was an extreme love of sushi. Some of the West Coast’s best sushi places dotted Steve’s backyard, but Kaygetsu, a small sushi spot in Menlo Park, held the…Read more ›

iPads Banned In Government Meetings Due To Spying Fears

iPads might seem the perfect device for government meetings (if only for a quick game of Angry Birds when things get boring), but not if you’re a member of the UK Cabinet. Fearing that foreign intelligence agencies may have developed…Read more ›

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Use Event Invitations in iOS & OS X to Solidify Times, Meetings, & Dates

Use Event Invitations for iOS and OS X

Event Invitations are one of the best features of Calendars in iOS and OS X, and if you aren’t using them yet to confirm the time and dates of meetings and events with people you should start now. Once an invitation is sent, it comes through as an alert to the recipient, and they can either confirm the event time or suggest a different  [Read More…]