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Samsung Galaxy S6 suffering from a major memory problem

Oh, Samsung, can you ever catch a break? Despite its new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receiving positive reviews, Samsung has admitted that some users of both handsets are experiencing serious memory issues — resulting in their devices running slowly,…Read more ›

Apple still relying on Samsung for iPhone 6s memory chips

People hoping that Apple will drop the Samsung albatross from around its neck for the forthcoming iPhone 6s may be disappointed. According to a new report coming from the Asian supply chain, Samsung has come to an agreement with Apple…Read more ›

OS X Yosemite’s Mail app is a Mac-crashing memory hog

OS X Yosemite is supposed to make Macs run more efficiently than ever, but some early upgraders have discovered a huge memory leak that causes memory pressure to skyrocket and productivity to drop. The updated Mail app appears to be…Read more ›

Clean Installing iOS 7.1 May Fix iPad Air Low Memory Crashes

Some iPad Air owners have been impacted by a persistent crashing issue, where either the entire device crashes and reboots, or, more commonly, where the Safari browser crashes and randomly quits. The Safari crashing issue is often repeatable by pointing Safari at several Javascript heavy web pages with numerous tabs open, or by opening a … Read More

Find What Type of RAM a Mac Uses & the Maximum Supported Memory

Different Mac models use different types of RAM, and each also supports a different maximum level of RAM. Unless you spend a lot of time upgrading and repairing Macs yourself, you probably don’t know these exact details off the top of your head, and that’s just fine because the information can be retrieved directly from the Mac in most cases. This is vital information to know if you have determined a memory upgrade is in order, so we’ll cover several  [Read More…]

Apple Reduces Order For iPhone 5 Memory Chips From Samsung [Report]

Apple cut its order for memory chips slated to go into the upcoming iPhone 5, according to a report at Reuters this evening. Citing a “source with direct knowledge of the matter,” the report says that while the South Korean chip manufacturer is still on the list as an initial supplier of memory chips for the new iPhone model, but that Apple continues to decrease its reliance on Samsung as a  [Read More…]

Free Up Inactive Memory in Mac OS X with Purge Command

Free Up Memory in Mac OS X Mac OS X has fairly good memory management but its not perfect, and sometimes RAM can be held unnecessarily in the inactive state despite the contents no longer being needed. If youve been participating in memory heavy activities or you just need to free up some available RAM you can actually force Mac OS X to clear out inactive memory. Launch Terminal, found in  [Read More…]

InstaMatch, An Instagram Memory Game

Unbelievably, Instamatch makes the memory card game non-boring

Are you a fan of Instagram? Of course you are. And are you also a fan of those frustrating memory games where you have to flip over cards and match the pictures? I thought not. But if you are you freak, you then InstaMatch might be right up your alley.   InstaMatch is a Universal app which draws the cards  [Read More…]

Turn Any USB Memory Stick Into An Ultra-Secure, Password Protected Filestore [OS X Tips]

  Its time for me to sign off my tipster post here at Cult of Mac. For my final tip, heres one of my absolute favoritesfrom my book. Itdescribes how to turn any USB memory stick or storage deviceinto an ultra-secure filestore. When inserted into any Mac, a password prompt will appear, just like with expensive government grade secure memory sticks, and the contents will be as equally inaccessible to anybody  [Read More…]