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Apple patents Samsung’s Galaxy Note-style radial menus for iOS

Apple has been awarded a new patent for adding moving radial menus to both Macs and iOS devices. The use of radial menus would give Apple an alternative to the pull-down menus currently used in most applications – allowing context-specific menus and submenus to… Read more ›

iStat Menus 5 shows you everything you need to know about your Mac

Over the years, one of my favorite Mac apps has always been iStat Menus by Bjango. In anticipation of OS X Yosemite launching, version 5 was released today with a completely new design and some cool feature additions. The main… Read more ›

iPad Menus Keep It Green At Gordon Ramsay’s Steak In Vegas


LAS VEGAS — The wine list at Gordon Ramsey’s Steak restaurant changes so frequently, the servers need iPads to keep up.

The wait staff at the Englishman’s massively popular restaurant are armed with 20 iPads to take wine orders.

Not only does it save paper, it’s the only way to make sure the ever-changing wine list is accurate.

Not only do the sommeliers love it, the customers do too.

Celebrity chef  [Read More…]

Waigo App Translates Chinese Menus


Do you trust the translations you see on Chinese menus? I don’t. Why? Because my local Chinese restaurant — which lists dishes in Chinese, English and Spanish — manages to write a different description for each one.

Luckily, Waigo is here to help, with it’s augmented-reality translation. Or is that “here to confuse”?

Point the iPhone’s camera at the menu and the app will read it and translate it instantly. The limited vocabulary (restaurant menu-ese) means it  [Read More…]

New Dropbox Update Comes With Retina Support, Notification Center Integration And Redesigned Menus

Last night Dropbox announced the release of their new beta, Dropbox 1.5 for Mac. The update will bring a few new features and UI changes to the popular cloud storage service. Users of the desktop client will discover a redesigned menu system  that combines all the functionality of the older tray menu with a new view of Dropbox’s event stream that allows you to see your latest changes.

The design changes give  [Read More…]

Reveal The Finder Dock and App Menus in Full Screen Apps In Lion [OS X Tips]

I like the full screen mode that apps can run in on Mac OS X Lion, but if you are just now experimenting with this new feature you may feel a little lost. The reason you might feel lost is because while apps run in full screen mode a lot of navigations elements are missing. Today you�ll find out that they aren�t missing just hiding. If you want to use the  [Read More…]

Restaurant Replaces Menus and More with iPad

A trendy Atlanta eatery is the latest to adopt a growing hospitality industry trend: using iPads as interactive menus. Guests at the Do Restaurant at The View�make their selections on�Apple�s culture-changing tablet, which are then relayed to iPads in the kitchen. Waiters of the human variety come in only to bring orders to the tables. Restauranteurs Christian and Nacasha Ruffin worked with a certified Apple programmer to custom design their ordering system,  [Read More…]