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Judge Orders Google And Motorola To Hand Over Information Regarding Android Development And Merger

The patent saga continues with U.S. Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner in Chicago ruling that Motorola and Google must provide Apple with information regarding Android development as well as information about the impending merger. It’s unclear exactly what specific “information” must be provided and while everyone goes ahead and assumes it’s some sort of top secret documentation, I’m betting it’s nothing of the sort and Apple won’t be gaining any trade  [Read More…]

Only Winner Of Failed AT&T Merger Is T-Mobile

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Yesterday we told you about AT&T’s decision to back out of its proposed $ 39 billion merger with T-Mobile. After facing heated scrutiny and antitrust concerns from both the Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice, AT&T couldn’t take the heat any longer. As part of the deal falling through, AT&T has agreed to pay T-Mobile $ 3 billion in cash  [Read More…]

AT&T Withdraws T-Mobile Merger Application From FCC

The original iPhone U.S. wireless carrier, AT&T is starting to believe that the planned merger with T-Mobile is headed for trouble. AT&T announced that it has withdrawn its joint application for FCC approval of what was going to be a $39 billion deal. Previously, the two companies had said that they were going to focus efforts on getting approval from the Justice Department for the merger. But that seems like a stretch since the Department  [Read More…]

US Government Moves To Block AT&T / T-Mobile Merger With Antitrust Lawsuit [Breaking]

Photo by blitzmaerker – http://flic.kr/p/7yWTDR

Apple iPhone users, eagerly awaiting the extra bandwidth from AT&T’s purchase of T-Mobile may have to tighten their belts. The U.S. Department of Justice Wednesday filed an antitrust lawsuit, blocking approval of the $ 39 billion deal on grounds it will “substantially lessen competition.”   “AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” DOJ attorney’s argue.  [Read More…]

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger Would Shift Ad Impression Dominance Away from Verizon

Click the image to open in full size. Shortly after AT&T announced its intention to purchase T-Mobile last weekend for $ 39 billion, the people at InMobi, the world?s largest independent mobile advertising network, decided to embark on an interesting homework assignment of sorts. The goal? To study the effect of the pending deal on consumer ad impressions in the United States. Subsequently, InMobi took a close look at its five billion monthly ad  [Read More…]