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Straighten out your mess with this stylish messenger bag

I’m always on the lookout for a better, more efficient, useful and stylish bag to carry my MacBook Pro, iPad 3, and various electronic accoutrements, including an external battery, noise-cancelling headphones, and a ton of different cables to power and charge everything in there. I also like to add a paperback book, various papers and […][Read More…]

iPhone 6 pre-orders were a bigger mess than Apple’s keynote live stream

Apple’s new iPhones went up for pre-order this morning, and for those who stayed up late to get their order in, it turned out to be a very long night. The vast majority had to wait until past 12:30 a.m.…Read more ›

Watch Dogs mobile app is a hot mess of connectivity issues

Ubisoft’s highly-anticipated console and PC game, Watch Dogs, came out today. One of the cooler features of the release, though, at least from a mobile gaming standpoint, is an app for both iOS and Android that purports to be more…Read more ›

Hitman GO Takes The Bloody Mess Out of Murder For Hire [Review]

The Hitman series has always alternated between vicious and silly, with a stern protagonist who will wear any kind of ridiculous costume, from ice-cream man to Mardi Gras costume, in order to murder his target. Hitman GO, a new turn-based…Read more ›

Fun Game: Peel Back The Superficial Layer of Life and See What’s Really Hidden Underneath All of The Mess!

Every week Mac Games and More (http://www.macgamesandmore.com/) features a casual, engaging game for you to play in your spare time. This week, step inside a hidden objects adventure filled with magic, mind-melding puzzles and the ultimate battle between good and evil. Download it and try the free one hour demo now

Otherworld: Omens of Summer Collector’s Edition (hidden objects/adventure) – Spend your day off battling it  [Read More…]

Designers Set About Fixing The Mess Apple Made In iOS 7 [Gallery]


Okay, so not everyone thinks Apple has ruined iOS with its newfound support of flat icons and whacky, eye-stinging colors. In fact, some iOS users love the new look. But many think it’s a gut-wrenching mess. In fact, some hate it so much that they’ve taken some time to fix it.

User interface designers have taken to Dribbble to showcase their own iOS 7 concepts, and I think you’ll agree that  [Read More…]

Mess With Your Computer’s Guts With Mountain Tweaks [Review]

Mess with your Mac’s mind

We all love OS X, but sometimes there are little things about it that annoy, or get in the way, or just don’t work the way we’d like them to. For power users, the solution to these little niggles often lies in Terminal, the command line application that lets experts dive into the heart of OS X’s innards. But for the rest of us, there’s always Mountain  [Read More…]

Mess With Your Friends: Vlock is an Android-Like Clock on Your iPhone 5 (Plays Background Videos Too) [Daily Freebie]

Just retooled for the iPhone 5, Vlock is a free app that displays a bold Android-ish clock, with date, on your iPhone. It’ll also let you play videos through the clock in a kind of video version of the iPad’s Picture Frame mode, complete with loop and transitions. Combine this with the app’s lockscreen feature, and you’ve got a faux animated Android-y lockscreen. All without a jailbreak.

I think the clock looks  [Read More…]

Europes Financial Mess Means Slumping Overseas iPhone Market

Photo by monty.metzger – http://flic.kr/p/6aioW2

Does talk of the Euro economic crisis make your eyes glaze over? Perhaps this will get your attention: The down European economy is costing the iPhone marketshare as consumers keep a tight hold on their cash. The bright side: the U.S. and U.K. love of everything Apple has become stronger. According to London-based research firm the Kanter Group, the iPhone 4S is showing signs of  [Read More…]