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iPhone light meter will make your photos shine

A good photographer doesn’t say, I’ll fix it later in Photoshop. Lumu Labs understood this when they developed an accessory in 2013 that turns the iPhone into a light meter. Though heralded by working photographers and tech journalists at the time, Lumu Labs wasn’t satisfied with the bulbous little device that hooks into the headphone […]

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Flip off meter maids with AwareCar, an app for better parking

If you have trouble finding your car in a busy garage, or always find yourself coming back to a lapsed parking meter and a ticket stuck under your windshield wiper, you’re in luck. A new Bluetooth sensor, in combination with an iPhone app, can make losing your car and racking up fines a thing of […][Read More…]

Meter lets you customize the signal bars on your jailbroken iPhone

If you’ve never really understood why Apple decided to make the iPhone’s signal bars circular in iOS 7 (I haven’t, either), then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll soon have the ability to change it, thanks to an upcoming…Read more ›

You’ll Never Guess How The Unusual Vaavud Wind Meter Wirelessly Connects To Your Phone

vaavud-wind-meter  Even without taking into account the unique, astonishing way it wirelessly connects with a smartphone, the Vaavud wind meter is pretty neat little gadget. It will measure wind speeds up to 25 meters/second (the Vaavud is Danish, hence the metric measurements and strange name), can share recorded data with the world through its free […]

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Withings New Fitbit-Like Activity Tracker is Also a Pulse Meter

withings-tracker-1  At this point, Withings has to be the most complete biometric suite in existence outside of a hospital or Langley. The outfit began with a scale (which also measures body-fat percentage), added a separate blood pressure cuff and then snuck an air-quality sensor and a pulse meter into their scale. The latest addition is […]

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Wind Meter Talks To iPhone Wirelessly With No Electronics [Kickstarter]

I don’t really care about measuring the wind – I prepare for a bike trip using WeatherPro, which tells me how bad the wind will be, not how bad it is right now. But the Vaavud wind meter is notable for another reason: it communicates its wind-speed readings to your iPhone wirelessly, yet uses no electronics whatsoever. How? Read on…

It’s all done, as you might have guessed, using magnets. Frickin’ magnets! How do they work?

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Apple Now Offers 0.5 Meter Lightning Cable And Updated In-Ear Headphones

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 11.14.40 PM

Apple recently made some minor updates in its accessories department. The company has started offering an even shorter 0.5 meter Lightning to USB cable for $ 19, which is still the same price as the normal 1.0 meter cable. We’re not sure why you would pay the same amount of money for less cable, but there you go. A shorter 0.5 Thunderbolt cable was released last  [Read More…]

Get Hexadecimal Color Codes with Digital Color Meter in OS X Lion

Get Hexadecimal Values in Digital Color Meter for OS X Lion A few months ago I wrote about an alternative to DigitalColor Meter for OS X Lion, with my main complaint being that the color picker tool removed the ability to get hexadecimal color codes. It turns out I was wrong, you can get hex color codes from Lions Digital Color Meter app, as pointed out in the comments by one  [Read More…]

Colors is a Free Color Picker Tool to Replace DigitalColor Meter in Mac OS X Lion

Color Picker tool for Mac OS X Lion Apples Digital Color Meter utility took a turn for the worse in Mac OS X Lion, inexplicably removing the ability to view color values in commonly used formats like hex. This is a pain for graphic and web designers, and nobody but Apple knows why they removed that feature, but thankfully theres a handful of free apps out there to pick up the  [Read More…]