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Outspoken ex-Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée has never been afraid to speak his mind, even when contradicting the most powerful Silicon Valley executives. But even by Gassée’s usual standard, he doesn’t have kind words for Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella. Having… Read more ›

Apple first foray into wearables is expected to be revealed this October, but Apple’s not the only tech giant preparing a smartwatch for this fall as new rumors claim Microsoft is gearing up to launch its alternative to the iWatch… Read more ›

Instead of taking on the iPad Air’s 9.7-inch display, Microsoft is thinking even bigger with a 12-inch Surface Pro 3 that could make it the perfect competitor for Apple’s long-rumored 13-inch iPad Pro. Like Microsoft’s other’s tablets, the Surface Pro… Read more ›

To aid in its uphill battle against Apple and Android, Microsoft is adding a voice assistant of its own to Windows Phone 8.1 and according to the latest details she could pass as Siri’s sister. Inspired by AI character from the… Read more ›     

ipadminivsacer  Microsoft gave us a new anti-iPad ad yesterday, but there’s even more where that came from as the company released a new ad today that takes the iPad mini to task against the Acer Iconia W3. The ad mostly focuses on the differences between iOS and Windows 8 and suggests that the iPad mini [...]

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Et tu, Microsoft?The cloud storage wars continue with a new tweet from Micorsoft’s SkyDrive Twitter account. The service, typically offering seven gigabytes of online storage for free, just made an offer Apple’s jilted MobileMe members might not be able to refuse. In a tweet today, @SkyDrive offered anyone who could forward the Apple downgrade email to a [...]

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nokeyboardMicrosoft’s recent barrage of anti-iPad ads have nearly all featured third-party tablets rather than boasting about Microsoft’s own iPad-killer, the Surface RT. Now that it’s desperately slashed prices on RT units, Microsoft is feeling inexplicably cocky in its latest ad, which pits the hardware and software specs of the iPad against that of the Surface [...]

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Cracked-Nokia-Lumia-Windows-PhoneWindows Phone has been struggling to catch up to Android and iOS ever since its release in 2010, and most would put that down to its lack of apps, and Microsoft’s leisurely approach to adopting the latest technologies. And it’s not just us consumers that are becoming frustrated with this. Even Nokia, Microsoft’s biggest Windows Phone [...]

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The man, the myth, the sweaty legend: Steve BallmerIt’s been no secret that Microsoft’s would-be iPad-killer has been a complete disappointment, but now its ever-optimistic CEO, Steve Ballmer, is admitting to employees that the Surface is a flop. Ballmer held a ‘rally the troops’ event on Microsoft campus yesterday where they go over the company’s quarterly earnings and boost morale, but according to [...]

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microsoftsurfaceproishereRemember when Microsoft unveiled the Surface RT last year and people said it totally makes the iPad and the MacBook Air obsolete? So far the Surface RT has been anything but an iPad-killer and according to Microsoft’s latest earnings, it’s losing them a shit ton of money too. Microsoft’s financial results for Q4 2013 show that [...]

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