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Has Apple become boring in its middle age? [Friday Night Fights]

Apple is 40 years old today. In that time, the Cupertino company has delivered some incredible products and services, and revolutionized smartphones, tablets, and music players. But is it boring now? Some say Apple’s innovation has stalled in recent years, and it has become too predictable. The surprises we used to see during its big […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Ex Apple CEO launches five new smartphones in the Middle East

Former Apple CEO John Sculley has launched a new lineup of budget smartphones in the Middle East — although he admits Steve Jobs would like not be enamoured with them. “Steve being Steve would say, you can do alot better,”…Read more ›

Hilarious Picture Captures the Exact Moment a Skydiver Loses iPhone in Middle of Free Fall

Don’t you hate it when you’re skydiving and lose your iPhone during a free fall? OK so probably none of us can say that has happened to them, but this hilarious picture captures the exact moment of such an event occurring at some-odd thousand feet above Earth. In the picture, a skydiver named Patrick has … Read More

Apple begins hiring for first Middle Eastern retail store

Apple doesn’t have an official retail presence in the Middle East… yet. Recent job listings spotted by ifoAppleStore indicate that the company is looking to open at least one store in the United Arab Emirates by next year. “The job…Read more ›

Apple is finally selling products through retailers in the Middle East

Apple has never had an official retail presence of any kind in the Middle East, until now. Thanks to a deal struck with Jarir Bookstore, Apple is directly providing its products in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian government cleared Apple…Read more ›

This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Middle Manager of Justice, Monsters, Inc. Run, Football Manager & More [Roundup]

This week’s must-have games roundup begins with a wonderful new building game called Middle Manager of Justice, in which you take charge of Justice Corp., a team of superheroes that are on a mission to save the city’s inhabitants. We also have Monsters, Inc. Run, a new running platform game from Disney; Sport Interactive’s latest Football Manager Handheld title, and more.

Middle Manager of Justice — Universal (Free)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecmkt0tfHo8?fs=1&feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]

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CovertChirp: So You Don’t Get Caught Tweeting In the Middle of a Meeting

Sometimes Tweeting in the middle of meeting, lecture, of funeral can be misconstrued as inappropriate. CovertChirp provides a solution (probably still inappropriate for funerals). CovertChirpis a stupid simple idea, that can be stupid effective in the right setting. CovertChirp utilizes a Twitter UI camouflaged as the native iOS Notes application. The interface even comes with a boss button that hides the users tweets instantly. However, outside of the office CovertChirp isnt a very useful Twitter  [Read More…]

Apple Caught in Middle of $1 Million SEC Scandal

Reuters acquired, through a Freedom of Information Act request, an SEC report detailing the shady sale of $ 1 million in virtual data storage to the SEC by an Apple salesman. According to the SEC investigation, an Apple salesman swindled the SEC into purchasing data storage and backup services from a storage firm called Cloverleaf Communications. The salesman convinced the SEC in 2008 Cloverleaf could provide a more affordable solution to their data storage  [Read More…]