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iPhone 6 Might Feature A Bezel-Free Display [Rumor]

The iPhone 6 is still many months away from launching but the rumor mill has sprayed a steady stream of rumors about Apple’s next handset, with the latest claiming Apple will ditch the iPhone’s bezel for an edge-to-edge display. Citing… Read more ›     

Bed Bug Proof — Utilities — Free America is seeing a resurgence in bed-bug infestations, and here’s an app to help you screen a room and identify the little biters before they introduce themselves. To be perfectly clear, Bed Bug… Read more ›     

Here’s the thing about touch controls: You’re controlling the game with the same thing you’re using to see what you’re doing. This creates a problem when your dumb, clumsy fingers start blocking your view and lead to cheap and preventable… Read more ›     

Apple could open a sapphire glass manufacturing facility in Arizona as early as February, according to recently published correspondence between the company and state regulators. Analyst Matt Margolis unearthed documents that mention the Mesa plant — described as “Project Cascade”… Read more ›     

Slip — Utilities — Free Slip knows that exchanging business cards can be annoying. You have to find your cards and then take theirs and then maybe jam it into the back of the thing where you keep your cards,… Read more ›     

Spender: Expenses Only — Finance — Free $ 0.99 [thanks, commenters] If I want to be reductionist here, money management has two general components: maximizing income and minimizing expenses. For many people, the second part is more difficult because sometimes you… Read more ›     

Something that often gets missed about wearable technology is that — while the tech part is all well and good — in order for it to appeal to the average consumer it needs to look like something you’d actually be… Read more ›     

Would you pay $ 7,800 for a suitcase full of carbon fiber and aluminum tubes? No, me neither, but clearly somebody will, or Shadowcam wouldn’t be hawking its crazily-priced S–5 camera stabilizer, a three-axis gimbal rig that would keep your shots… Read more ›     

Swear Jar — Lifestyle — Free In these troubled economic times, we don’t really have the luxury of putting real coins into a jar every time we drop a bomb in front of Grandma. Luckily, we have Swear Jar, a… Read more ›     

It’s at least six months until Apple reveals iOS 8, and probably nine months until we see the iPhone 6 for the first time, but that hasn’t stopped Eric Vasille of iPhonesoft from imaging what the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will look like. And what does he imagine? On the hardware-side of things, a […]        [Read More...]