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Acer Mimics Apple’s iCloud Presentation with Unveiling of AcerCloud

Seems like another consumer electronics manufacturer has unveiled a “new” service that appears to be something very similar to what Apple has unveiled before. Acer, the Taiwanese computer manufacturer seems to have unveiled a new service called “AcerCloud” that seems to be a quite similar to Apple’s iCloud service. The thing that makes this whole situation the most ironic is the presentation that Acer gave regarding their new cloud service. If you take a quick  [Read More…]

Weird, Comical New Speech App Mimics Presidential Voices

I can only imagine the whimsical hilarity resulting from one of these being installed on a White House staffer’s iPhone: iSpeech Obama — or its somewhat late sister app, iSpeech Bush — are a pair of apps that allow you to enter speech and play it back in the voice of Presidents Barack Obama or George Bush. The free version of the app only does text-to-speech — you’ll have to type in the words you want Bush or Obama to say.  [Read More…]