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Last minute WWDC rumors include more on health, home and iBeacon

It’s the eve of the Worldwide Developers Conference kickoff, and tomorrow morning Apple will hold its first media event of 2014. Like always, there’s a ton of speculation on what will and won’t be announced. Some last minute reports share new information on…Read more ›

Coming Soon To The iPhone 7s, 0% To 100% Battery Charging In Under A Minute?

Sick of waiting for your iPhone to finish charging? By 2017, your iPhone could completely charge from 0% to 100% in just 5 minutes, in a portable, consumer-friendly package that will make long charging times a thing of the past.…Read more ›

Last Minute Christmas Gift? Get An iPad Painting Done By A Cat

Remember all those stories that accompanied the iPad’s launch about how the device was so straightforward that a person with no previous computer experience could use one? Well, it turns out that they’re so easy that cats can use them…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s Own Hotspot Passwords In iOS Can Be Cracked In Under A Minute


When you set up a personal hotspot on your iOS device, the first thing you should do is delete the password Apple generates for your and enter your own. Researchers at the University of Erlangen in Germany have discovered a way to crack Apple’s hotspot passwords in under a minute, leaving your iOS device vulnerable to attack.

Apple automatically generates a hotspot password on your iOS device, mainly for convenience, and sometimes  [Read More…]

Super Last Minute Gift Guide: App Gifting, Emailing Gift Cards, & Printable Gift Cards

Amazon email gift card

If you’re anything like me, you waited until the absolute last minute to get Christmas shopping done and you’ve probably already raided the gift card rack at a grocery store to stock up on last minute presents. But don’t forget to take advantage go email-friendly gift cards from Apple’s iTunes Stores, Amazon, and if you’re shopping for an  [Read More…]

Three Awesome Last Minute Apple Halloween Costume Ideas [Feature]

There are only a few hours left until the entire country goes jettisons itself into a deranged mess of Halloween parties. If you don’t have your costume ready by now then you might be panicing about coming up with something cool on the fly.

Don’t worry. We’ve got three great Apple-themed Halloween costume ideas that you can pull of in minutes before you head to your parties tonight. Check ‘em out.

Steve Jobs

[Read More…]

Make and Share a Cute Mini Photo Magazine in a Minute with Beamr [Daily Freebie]

Beamr is one of those mouth-watering iPhone apps that wows not so much because of what it is, but because of what it could be.

The basic idea is very cool: Delve into your photo library, select a handful of photos and choose a cover shot. The app will then superimpose some text and graphics over the cover (you can change the cover text).

But the real magic happens when you  [Read More…]

Get A $50 iTunes Gift Card For Just $40 In Time For Christmas [Last Minute Deals]

Still dont have a Christmas present for a loved one? Cash running low, so you need a good deal? Youre not going to beat this: Walmart is offering a $ 50 iTunes gift card for just $ 40, essentially giving you an extra $ 10 in downloads for free. Not only can the card be used on apps, music, ebooks, movies or even television shows,  [Read More…]

Last Minute Mac Gift Ideas & Deals: RAM & SSD Upgrades, iPods, External Hard Drives & Monitors, Apple Books, and More

Christmas Icons If youre a last minute shopper like me, the next few days are when everything gets done. Were quickly closing in on the final eligible days to receive free shipping by Christmas Eve from Amazon, so with that in mind weve compiled a list of some great Mac gift ideas and deals, whether you are shopping for a loved one or just getting yourself something nice for the holidays.  [Read More…]

The iPhone 5 Was Canned At The Last Minute, Instead We Got The iPhone 4S [Rumor]

An iPhone 5 concept prototype by benm.at

Business Insider claims to have information on an iPhone 5 prototype from a source that spent about two weeks with the device. Citing several details about the alleged prototype, the source says that Apple ended up ditching the iPhone 5 at the last minute. Instead, the iPhone 4S was released as an incremental update to the product line. While even Business Insider notes  [Read More…]