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How to Enable AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 7 to Stream an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Display Wirelessly

AirPlay Mirroring sends exactly what is on the iPhone or iPad screen wirelessly over to an Apple TV or a compatible AirPlay receiver app on a Mac or PC like Reflector or XBMC, including the audio stream if one is available. This mirroring feature is great for demonstrations, presentations, picture slideshows, watching video on a … Read More

Get AirPlay Mirroring on Older Macs with AirParrot

Get AirPlay Mirroring on Old Macs

AirPlay Mirroring arrived on the Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, but Macs built before 2011 don’t support the feature, and obviously any OS X version prior to 10.8 won’t have it either. That is, until you run AirParrot, which enables AirPlay Mirroring on any Mac (or Windows PC) running OS X 10.6.8 or later.

To mirror your Mac or PC screen you’ll obviously need  [Read More…]

AirServer Video Mirroring Blows Away Laggy New Apple TV

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgsCKeIXUXc The video above is probably enough to make iPad 3 owners rush out and buy a copy of AirServer for your big-screen Mac. It shows the difference in the speed of video mirroring natively to the the Apple TV 3 and mirroring to the Mac using AirServer. The first is dreadfully laggy. The second is like playing with a wired controller. But thatís not all: The newest version of AirServer processes the video before displaying it, making for much  [Read More…]

How to Use AirPlay Mirroring on a Mac with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

AirPlay Mirroring on a Mac Apple TV owners have an extra incentive to try out OS X Mountain Lion Dev Preview; AirPlay Mirroring. With AirPlay Mirroring, you can stream the Mac desktop and whatever application is on screen to an HDTV wirelessly through the Apple TV, making it easier than ever to watch videos from a Mac or play games on a much larger TV screen from a couch. Itís  [Read More…]

Why Mountain Lionís AirPlay Mirroring Is Hollywoodís Worst Nightmare

One of the features that immediately caught my eye about Mountain Lion was AirPlay Mirroring. As I noted yesterday, this offers a powerful presentation tool for business users as well as a great classroom addition for teachers and trainers. Of course, itís also a great entertainment solution and one that has some dramatic advantages over AirPlay Mirroring on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Those advantages are likely to set  [Read More…]

AirPlay Mirroring And iMessages Coming To OS X Lion? [Rumor]

This weekend broke news that Apple was already hard at work on OS X 10.8, so it would be natural to assume that in the next version of OS X, Cupertino will bring even more iOS functionality to their desktop operating system: stuff like Airplay and iMessages. Nope. But donít be too disappointed. AirPlay and iMessages are reportedly coming to OS X 10.7 Lion, instead.   9to5Mac reports that AirPlay  [Read More…]

Enable Multi-Tasking Gestures & Display Mirroring in iOS 5 for iPad 1

Multitasking Gestures for iPad 1 The first generation iPad got iOS 5, but it didnít officially get multitasking gestures or display mirroring. Not a huge deal, because a user on ModMyi figured out how to enable these two features and has released a modified version of redsn0w so that it unlocks these abilities, without a jailbreak. Itís pretty easy to use, so if you want to enable these features hereís how  [Read More…]

AirPlay Mirroring Of FaceTime To Apple TV2G: New Feature In iOS 5 Beta 3

Recently, iOS 5 Beta 3 was released for developers. since the release we’ve been hearing about the new features in iOS 5 Beta 3. iOS 5 Beta 1 featured AirPlay mirroring for the iPad, now iOS 5 Beta 3 allows you to mirror FaceTime calls to Apple TV 2G as well. To use AirPlay mirroring you must install iOS 5 Beta 3 on both your iPad and Apple TV 2G. AirPlay mirroring had  [Read More…]

Enable Video Mirroring On iPad 1 [How To Guide]

When Apple announced its all-powerful iPad 2 in March, one of the marquee features was the ability to mirror your iPad 2′s screen to a HD monitor or TV using one of Apple’s display adapters. If only we could do the same on our trusty iPad 1s…

Video Mirroring iPad 1[Read More…]