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What Was Ex-Apple Retail Chief Ron Johnson’s Big Mistake At JC Penney?


Here’s some fantastic analysis on what ex-Apple retail chief Ron Johnson did wrong at JC Penney written by legendary Apple ad man Ken Segall, who completely rejects the idea that Ron Johnson didn’t understand JC Penney’s brand identity, and even wandered around quoting the company’s founder, who detested sales gimmicks. So what was the problem?

According to Segall — and this is a fantastic point — Johnson’s problem was that  [Read More…]

Former Apple Engineer Says Firing Scott Forstall Was A Big Mistake

Will Apple regret saying goodbye to Scott Forstall?

After being stripped of his position as senior vice president of iOS software, Scott Forstall will now server as an advisor to Tim Cook until he leaves Apple in 2013. While we can’t be certain why he’s really leaving the Cupertino company, rumor has it he’s been axed for refusing to apologize for the half-baked Maps app in iOS 6, and his fiery personality  [Read More…]

The Dumb Mistake That Ended Up Costing Steve Jobs $29 Billion

Steve Jobs is already richer than most of us can ever dream. Hes worth more than 8 billion dollars according to the most recent estimates. But he could be richer. A lot richer. In fact, a single mistake once cost Steve more than twenty nine billion dollars.   Back in the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs invested $ 1,500 to get started. All well and good, but when Apple  [Read More…]