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Mobile First Person Shooter, Shadowgun: Deadzone, Goes 2.0 With Massive Update


Madfinger Games announced a massive update to its flagship First Person Shooter (FPS) game on iOS and Android today. There are new maps, weapons, and game content, each of which was created directly from player feedback, including the new “friends” feature.

Rookie players now have a new Special Tutorial mode, while veterans will be glad to see new booster packs for speed, armor, damage, accuracy, and invisibility, along with several  [Read More…]

Fandango Premieres Its First Weekly Show On Mobile, “Weekend Ticket”

What are you gonna see?

What are you gonna see?

The weekends are for movies, right? Personally, I’m going to flock to Oz The Great and Powerful at an IMAX theater this weekend, along with a billion other people, no doubt. Fandango wants to be a part of that weekend rush, and possibly get your $ 2 per ticket convenience fee, with it’s new mobile-only movie preview show, Weekend Ticket, available now on  [Read More…]

Mobile World Congress Day Three: Beer, Tea And Rock-N-Roll [Gallery]

Img 0276

There’s a corporate message in here somewhere, but who cares? Giant Lego!

Img 0280

One of these suits is not like the others… Kidding! They’re all exactly the same.

Img 0285

Because nothing says rock’n’roll like “synergistic delivery into consumer end markets.”

Img 0279

One day, my child, taking a photo with an iPad will look cool.  [Read More…]

Mobile World Congress Day Two: Robots, ‘Mann Wood’ And Meggings [Gallery]

Mwc day 2 12

This little feller balances using gyroscopes five times more accurate than those in your phone.

Mwc day 2 05

This head looks, like, totally stoned.

Mwc day 2 01

Connect wisely to transform for easier work.

Mwc day 2 10

Meggings! Oh, Vodafone…

Mwc day 2 03

All he’s missing  [Read More…]

Enhance Your Mobile Photos With A 3-In-One iPhone Photo Lens [Deals]

CoM - iOS Camera Lens

It’s understood that iOS cameras are insanely high-quality given their size. The only real knock about them is the fixed lens. Today’s Cult of Mac Deals offer aims to “fix” that – pun totally intended – with this compact lens kit. It includes 3 versatile options that fit snugly over your iOS lens with a tech-friendly magnet – and you can get this kit for only $  [Read More…]

Mobile World Congress Day One: Flamenco, Internet-Connected Coffee And Charlie Joins A J-Pop Band [Gallery]

Having moved to a new venue. somebody saw the need to recreate the twin towers from Plaça de Espanya. In miniature.

Having moved to a new venue. somebody saw the need to recreate the twin towers from Plaça de Espanya. In miniature.

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – It’s not all suits, bad coffee breath and identikit Android handsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Oh  [Read More…]

Zagg’s Little Origin Speaker Docks With a Desktop Mothership [Mobile World Congress 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Zagg, who you surely know better for its excellent iPad keyboards, also makes a speaker. Or two speakers, to be precise. This is the Zagg Origin, and it consists of a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker which docks into a desktop mothership.

The handy homunculus is Jamboxian in proportions, and does everything a modern portable BT speaker should. It pairs with  [Read More…]

Sneak Peek: Mophie’s JuicePak Air For iPhone 5 Launches Tomorrow [Mobile World Congress 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Pssst… don’t tell anyone, but I just saw Mophie’s new Juicepak Air for the iPhone 5. After months of abusive complaints in forum and comment threads the world over, the Air is now finally… almost… available for the slim new iPhone.

Look closely and you’ll see the neat new mute switch.

  [Read More…]

Even The Video Pros Have Switched To iPhones At The Mobile World Congress [MWC 2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – There mightn’t be anything more telling of the iPhone’s world takeover than this shot of the new Aving mobile video setup.

Anyone who has visited any tech trade-show will have seen the Korean guys in Aving vests hefting huge, shoulder-mounted video rigs and shooting anything and everything (this year at CES Aving put out 1,000 videos).

Now, those rigs have  [Read More…]

What Does Mobile World Congress 2013 Mean For The iPhone? [MWC 2013 Preview]

Mwc 1012 Gallery 34

At long last, the Mobile World Congress is leaving the confines of Plaça de Espanya for a new out-of-town venue.

On Sunday, Cult of Mac and Cult of Android will be kicking off our Mobile World Congress 2013 coverage.

The Android side of the Mobile World Congress will be — as ever — an orgy of new handsets and tablets of every conceivable screen size. Apple stuff will be limited to  [Read More…]