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Mobile developers: iOS 9 is coming, here are some courses for getting caught up [Deals]

The release of iOS 9 is upon us, so the time is nigh to get familiar with Apple’s powerful new operating system. With over 50 hours of hands-on training, we’ve found a bundle of courses that’ll get you all caught up with the essentials of developing for iOS and its Swift coding language, teaching key […][Read More…]

How to skip those skimpy mobile versions of websites

Using the mobile web is an uneven affair in terms of what you’ll see once your little blue progress bar slides across the page to let you know your page has loaded. Some sites give you a crippled version of the original, making sure you can’t find any information on them at all. Looking for […][Read More…]

First ‘mobile’ phones were a lot of junk in the trunk

When Lars Magnus Ericsson installed a telephone in his car, he proved you could communicate from the road. But while the first mobile phone was indeed mobile, it was anything but simple to use. Ericsson drove around Sweden and, when it was time to place a call, he would pull off to the side of […][Read More…]

Pac-Man hits mobile with a-maze-ing Championship Edition

Get ready to spend your time chomping dots and eating ghosts with this amazing version of arcade classic Pac-Man, one of the most recognizable games of the past 35 years. Designed by the original Pac-Man creator Tōru Iwatani, Championship Edition…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: 81% off lifetime WordPress theme subscriptions, 74% off VPN’s secure mobile connections, & more [Deals]

Cult of Mac has some fine deals on offer this week, offering discounts on a lifetime of WordPress themes and secure mobile connections, an exclusive 3Doodler bundle, and plenty more. TeslaThemes WordPress Themes: Lifetime Subscription – 81% off Building a…Read more ›

Jump on these free courses to learn iOS mobile game design [Deals]

If you’ve got an iOS phone, you’ve got one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms in your pocket. If you want to build the game that inspires others to gleefully smudge up their screens, you don’t have to worry…Read more ›

Best deals of the week: 79% off a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup & more [Deals]

Shop our top picks of the week at Cult of Mac Deals, including a lifetime of mobile backup, an activity and sleep tracker, and more. IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: Lifetime Subscription – 79% off Keep  photos, videos, music, contacts, texts,…Read more ›

Pinterest hires former Apple engineer to improve mobile experience

Pinterest is looking for fresh blood to inject some more life into it’s mobile experience this year, so the company announced that it has nabbed Scott Goodson, a former Apple and Facebook engineer, to come in and improve the app’s…Read more ›

3.1 billion deer died for Dominations to slay mobile gaming

Dominations is one my new favorite games on my iPhone; it combines the gameplay of Clash of Clans (build a city, attack other cities) along with a more historic approach. You’ll take your city from Bronze Age to the Space…Read more ›

Google’s new mobile wallet is just like Apple Pay

Google’s first attempt to revolutionize mobile payments didn’t work out so well. Nearly four years after introducing Google Wallet, the company announced at Google IO this morning that it’s replacing its first mobile wallet solution with a new app called…Read more ›