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Want to Add A Home Button to Mobile Safari?

This tweak will add a home button to Mobile Safari in iOS. All major computer browsers have something in common – a home button. They have this because all major browsers allow you to have a home page. Mobile Safari has never supported home pages natively; it’s a feature that a lot of iOS users wish that Apple would implement, but there are jailbreak tweaks that let you set a home page. One such tweak  [Read More…]

Three Major Taiwanese Mobile Carries to Launch iPhone 4S Third Week of December

According to Digitimes Taiwanese mobile carriers will launch the iPhone 4S between the 14th-16th of December. The three largest mobile carriers in Taiwan, Taiwan Mobile TWM), Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) will jointly launch the iPhone 4S in Taiwan according “industry sources in Taiwan.” While the exact date of launch is up to Apple it is expected fall between the dates mentioned above. Apple is expected to ship 30,000 units with 50%  [Read More…]

Mobile Payment Solution Square Updated With Customer Rewards And Hardware Integration

Popular mobile payment solution Square has received a significant update that adds new features and specialized hardware integration for merchants. You can setup in-store rewards for regular customers, integrate Square with cash drawers and receipt printers, and work with enhanced software features for transaction and specific customer details. Square now allows a merchant to offer loyalty rewards for regular customers that use the company’s free  [Read More…]

Why Apple Should Tell China Mobile to $#@! Off

Fragmentary and occasional reports suggest that Apple has been negotiating with China Mobile for three years without reaching a deal over official support for iPhones on the carrier’s network. The sticking point: China Mobile wants a percentage of app revenue. Many US pundits have written that Apple should bend over and do whatever China Mobile wants. Why? Because China Mobile is so ginormous that Apple could make a killing from all  [Read More…]

Apple Partially Blamed For Mobile Flash’s Demise

Mike Chambers, Principal Product Manager for Developer Relations for the Flash Platform recently published a blog post clarifying the reasons behind Adobe’s plans to drop development for Flash on mobile devices. For those of you who didn’t already know, Adobe recently announcedthat that it will continue to support existing implementations of Flash Player for mobile browsers but cease development in order to focus on HTML5. Chambers has spent over a decade  [Read More…]

iOS And Android Games Are Killing Console Makers In Mobile [Report]

The console gaming industry has been suffering as of late, with companies like Nintendo reporting record losses and hardware price cuts. On the opposite side of the coin, the mobile game industry has skyrocketed to the forefront of innovation and user adoption, thanks largely to the mass distribution provided by the App Store. A new report by Flurry Analytics shows how the iOS and Android platforms are absolutely  [Read More…]

China Mobile: We Want A Cut Of App Store Revenue Or No iPhone

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Apple would love to sell the iPhone to China Mobile’s 628 million subscribers, but there is a hitch to any agreement: the carrier wants a piece of the App Store pie. But a pact isn’t needed, argues one Wall Street watcher, especially since there are already 10 million Apple smartphones on the China network. In what has become a slow-motion negotiation session, talks may have  [Read More…]

New comScore Study Shows Over 10% of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Use An iPhone

The popular research firm, comScore recently released the September 2011 mobile subscriber market share data for the United States. This report shows results in favor of Apple, considering that of the 234 million Americans who are of age 13 and older, 10.2% of them owned an iPhone during the third quarter, leaving Apple ranked as number 4 among the nation’s top device manufacturers. This is the first time that the iPhone has gotten past the  [Read More…]

Apple Converts 4% Market into 56% Mobile Profits

Photo: shapeshift

Here’s a good riddle: What has just four percent of the market, yet pockets more than half of the profits? The answer is Apple, the tech giant known for squeezing every ounce of profit from its iconic products. According to one analyst, Apple took 4.2 percent of the mobile handset market and transformed it into 52 percent of industry profits. Neat trick, huh? For Apple, the note by  [Read More…]

iPhone Users on China Mobile Aren’t Using 2G Data Speeds, They’re Using Wi-Fi [Report]

An interesting report from Bloomberg takes a look at 5 million iPhone users on the largest and most valuable carrier in the world, China Mobile. What’s surprising about China Mobile’s iPhone user base is the fact that Apple’s smartphone isn’t officially offered on the carrier. Millions of Chinese Apple lovers are using their iPhones on a network that can’t even offer 3G data speeds for the device due to frequency  [Read More…]