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Apple Cuts iCloud Storage For Former MobileMe Subscribers

iCloud-storageToday’s the day you’ll probably have to start paying for iCloud storage, folks — if you’re a former MobileMe subscriber, anyway. After giving us 25GB of iCloud storage absolutely free for two years, Apple has now ended the offer and dropped all non-paying iCloud users down to the basic 5GB plan. If you need more […]

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Microsoft’s SkyDrive Tweets Special Offer To Former MobileMe Members

Et tu, Microsoft?The cloud storage wars continue with a new tweet from Micorsoft’s SkyDrive Twitter account. The service, typically offering seven gigabytes of online storage for free, just made an offer Apple’s jilted MobileMe members might not be able to refuse. In a tweet today, @SkyDrive offered anyone who could forward the Apple downgrade email to a […]

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Former MobileMe Users Lose 20GB Of Free Storage On September 30

MobileMe will be gone in less than a month. Here are the best MobileMe replacement options.Remember MobileMe? When Apple transitioned to iCloud, MobileMe users with paid plans were coaxed over with 20GB of complimentary storage. Apple had originally planned to take the free gigabytes away on September 30th 2012, but the deadline got pushed back another year. In an email to affected customers today, Apple reminds everyone that the free  [Read More…]

MobileMe Failures Were All Steve Jobs’ Fault, Says Former Apple Engineer


Before the disastrous launch of Apple Maps, one of Apple’s biggest failures of all-time was the launch of MobileMe. Apple set a group of engineers out to rebrand .Mac and create a new cloud-based product that totally fell over the night it launched.

Steve Jobs famously met with the entire MobileMe team in the campus auditorium and fired the manger of the project on the spot. Then he told everyone, “you’ve tarnished Apple’s reputation  [Read More…]

Apple Extends Free iCloud Storage Upgrade For MobileMe Customers Through September 2013

Cult of Mac received an email today with some exciting news: Apple is extending the special offer of extra iCloud storage for all MobileMe customers who haven’t made the transition, yet. The extra upgrade was supposed to expire on September 30th of this year, but will now expire in 2013 on the same date.

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Former MobileMe Users Find Free 20GB iCloud Storage Extended Until 2050

When Apple was doing its damnedest to kick people out of MobileMe in June this year and get them to use iCloud instead, one of the incentives they gave the soon-to-be disposessed was a free offer that former MobileMe members would get 20GB of iCloud storage gratis, instead of the 5GB Apple gives the rest of us suckers. But it was only for a limited time, until September 30, 2012.

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MobileMe Officially Shuts Down Tomorrow

MobileMe dies tomorrow. Apple is pulling the plug. Flipping the switch. Putting two in the heart and one in the head. This means any pictures stored in your MobileMe Gallery or files stored on iDisk will be gone. Forever. MobileMe users who moved on to iCloud wont have to worry about their contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, Find My iPhone and Back to My Mac, but iWeb sites, pictures and files located on iDisk do not transfer.  [Read More…]

Apple’s MobileMe Subscribers are Targets for New Phishing Scams

The internet is the home to many scams where people try to rip you off. The latest victims are Apples MobileMe service users who are claiming to receive phishing emails. The method is familiar to many you send an email to a large number of people asking them for login credentials and hope some people end up falling for it. It is a very crude method that results in success often, which is why  [Read More…]

Remove the Old MobileMe Menubar Icon After Switching to iCloud

Get rid of the old MobileMe icon After youve made the transition to iCloud from MobileMe, the option to remove the old and now obsolete MobileMe menu bar icon disappears. Its easy to get rid of though, as Tony R shows us in this tip he sent in: Hold down the Command key and click and hold on the old MobileMe icon, then just drag it out of the menubar The  [Read More…]