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Rivals pile on to mock Apple’s ugly iPhone battery case

Apple made a minor design faux pas with its newly-launched iPhone Smart Battery Case, so of course all of the company’s rivals are doing the mature thing and getting on with their own work, knowing that joining the pile-on will only come back to bite them. Wait — that’s not what’s happening at all! In […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Samsung’s new ads mock iPhone wall huggers in real life

Samsung is taking its wall hugger shaming marketing campaign to the airport this week, with new ads plastered over electrical outlets that draw in battery-drained iPhone users with the promise to quench their thirst for a little more power. Touting the…Read more ›

Easily Mock Up iOS 7 Apps & Interfaces with a Free iOS 7 GUI Template PSD

The designers at Teehan+Lax have built a complete iOS 7 GUI elements template, and are now offering it for free as a very functional PSD file. Everything is fully layered, well-labeled, and organized logically, making it an excellent tool to use for mocking up apps and concepts as they would appear natively in the completely redesigned iOS 7 interface.

iOS 7 GUI Template

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Microsoft’s New Surface Ad Uses Siri To Mock The iPad [Video]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86JMcy5OqZA?rel=0]

Microsoft has released a new TV ad that slams the iPad touts the Surface tablet. This is the most directly targeted attack campaign on Apple in recent memory—even the Samsung Galaxy ads had more tact.

The tagline of the ad is “Less Talking, More Doing,” a.k.a using apps like Powerpoint. Siri is used to mock the iPad, ending in the virtual assistant giving up with, ”Should we just play chopsticks?” in Garageband.

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These iOS Mock Up Images Are Retro-Tastic, And Now We Want Them On Our iPhone [Gallery]


We just saw these linked over at The Loop by Jim Dalrymple, and just had to share. The designer who made the images above and below is Anton Repponen, and they were shared out by Chicago design firm Coudal Partners. We’ve reached out to Repponen via email, and will update this post with his response.

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