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Jimmy Kimmel mocks Apple in ‘Just Give Us Your Money’ ad

Apple has no shortage of products and gadgets to show off lately. The company recently released the Apple Watch, its music streaming platform came out this week, and we’re closing in on the reveal of the next iPhone. But late-night…Read more ›

LG mocks Samsung for its BendGate problems

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a giant iPhone 6 ripoff. And like Apple’s bigger-than-big devices, it also comes with some bending problems. Tests have found that the Galaxy S6 Edge is just as easy to bend as the iPhone 6…Read more ›

Samsung mocks everyone waiting for iPhone 6

Why make fun of existing Apple products when you could throw dirt on ones that haven’t come out yet? That’s Samsung’s latest approach in its newest TV ad titled “Screen Envy.” The ad features two guys at a coffee shop,…Read more ›

New Amazon Kindle Fire Ad Playfully Mocks Apple [Video]

Amazon has a new ad out for the Kindle Fire HDX that uses the new iPad Air as a scapegoat. It brags about how the HDX has more pixels (hardly any more), weighs less, and costs less. Ho-hum. Microsoft, Nokia, and…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Microsoft Mocks The iPad (Again!) In New Dell XPS Advert [Video]


Microsoft just loves to poke fun at the iPad, doesn’t it?

It has already aired a number of commercials for the Asus VivoTab that mock its size, weight, lack of Office support, its inability to run two apps simultaneously, and most of all its price. And now the software giant is doing the same on behalf of Dell.

In a new commercial for the XPS 10, Dell’s latest Windows 8 slate,  [Read More…]

Samsung’s New Marketing Stunt Mocks The Dangers Of Trusting Apple Maps In Australia


Using Apple Maps in Australia is freaking dangerous. Like, if you’re just trying to get directions to your girlfriend’s aunt’s house, you might get navigated to a cave full a flesh-eating mutant wallabies. Or it might just navigate you off the road and into the wilderness if you’re not paying attention to where you’re driving, but whatever.

Samsung has decided that Apple’s Map fiasco in Australia should not go unnoticed,  [Read More…]

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Suckers’ Who Are Buying The New iPad Mini [Video]

Buying an iPad mini today? You’re just another ‘sucker’, apparently.

Apple’s iPad mini goes on sale today, and a lot of you who are reading this are likely going to pick one up, or will be waiting in for yours to be delivered. One person who probably won’t be buying the device, however, is chat show host Jimmy Kimmel, who calls it “a bigger but not gigantic iPod you cannot talk on.”

  [Read More…]

Verizons New iPhone Ad Mocks Competitors Coverage

www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBk_iHJU4tM Verizon has launched a new ad featuring Apples popular iPhone which mocks the network coverage offered by rivals AT&T and Sprint. In the 30-second clip, a group abandons a sinking ship, escaping with just their lives and their iPhones. Only one of the party gets enough signal to make a call, and thats the one whos on Verizon a carrier which claims to offer the best wireless service in the world for your iPhone. While AT&T was the  [Read More…]

‘The Pyramid’ Mocks Tablet Lovers Last Night on The Office

If you thought the iPad was impressive, perhaps you would be blown away by the new Dunder Mifflin-Sabre tablet dubbed “The Pyramid.” The newest tablet on the block is large but not more than three pounds – assuming, of course, you take a pass on the battery and optional memory booster. Unfortunately for those of you who were legitimately excited by the above description (and if you were, please seek help) the Pyramid is a  [Read More…]