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The iPhone 5 And New iPod Touch Might Support Panorama Photo Mode

There are couple dozen apps for iOS that will allow you to take a panoramic picture by scanning your iPhone over a scene and stitch the photos together into one really long picture. Most of them aren’t great, but Apple might release a feature of their own on the iPhone 5 that supports panorama photo mode.

iOS developer Will Strafach, aka Chronic, stated on Twitter today –

[iPod Touch] “has that  [Read More…]

Fieldrunners 2 Receives First Update With Easier Casual Mode, Map Updates, Game Center, And More

You may be able to finally beat Bizarre Bazaar.

Subatomic Studios has released its first update to Fieldrunners 2, the popular sequel to the original tower defense game for the iPhone. Version 1.1 of Fieldrunners 2 is now available in the App Store, and the update brings an easier Causal mode, new map updates, Game Center integration, Endless mode, and more.

Change log:

• Beat those hard levels with an easier Casual mode! • Amazing new  [Read More…]

Disable iPad Picture Frame Mode For Better Photo Security [iOS Tips]

Reader James G writes,

I use the iPad’s locking feature requiring a 4-digit pin. The problem I was worried about is that the default setting has a button allowing you to see photos without knowing the 4-digit pin.

With the dozens of login names & passwords I’m required to remember, I often take a screenshot whenever I’ve created a new login or changed my password. So some of my “photos”  [Read More…]

Use Field Test Mode to See True iPhone Signal Strength as Numbers Instead of Bars

iPhone cell signal bars are shown as numbers rather than bars with Field Test mode

Field Test Mode is a hidden feature on the iPhone which allows you to see technical details of the device, the most useful of which is the true signal strength displayed as a number rather than the traditional signal bars.

Entering Field Test Mode on iPhone

This will work on any iPhone model except the original:

  [Read More…]

Quickly Toggle “White on Black” Screen Mode on iPad

Toggle White on Black with iPad iOS for iPad includes a nice feature that lets you triple-click the Home button to toggle ‘White on Black’ screen mode. If you haven’t used White on Black before it essentially inverts the screen, which makes reading at night or in low light conditions less harsh on the eyes. Triple-click the Home button to try it yourself, the default option summons the “Ask” menu shown  [Read More…]

Skype 5.6 Now Available With Full Screen Video Mode In OS X Lion, More Features

Skype has released a new public version of its Mac app with full screen video mode for OS X Lion, automatic updates, improved group calling, and more. Version 5.6 includes multiple bug fixes and interface improvements. With this release Skype has introduced automatic updates, making it easier to get the latest version of the app. Another welcomed improvement is the ability to delete select messages  [Read More…]

Use a MacBook Air/Pro in Clamshell Mode with Mac OS X Lion

Clamshell Mode with MacBook Air Using a portable Mac with the lid closed is frequently called clamshell mode, and using clamshell has been made easier than ever since the introduction of Mac OS X Lion. There are actually two different methods, the first is for using a MacBook closed lid with or without external input devices attached, and the second is for using clamshell mode with a wireless device like a  [Read More…]

[Review] Hide the ‘X’ That Shows When You Enter Jiggle Mode

Above is a screenshot of jiggle mode. Notice that there aren’t any ‘X’ buttons to uninstall anything. Jiggle mode is a common way of referring to when you hold down on an application and your entire SpringBoard starts to jiggle. In this mode, you have the ability to move applications around, make folders, remove folders, or uninstall applications. With a tweak called CyDelete, you can even uninstall Cydia applications this very same way. Jiggle mode  [Read More…]

How To Enable The Hidden Panorama Camera Mode In iOS 5 Without Jailbreaking

via @chpwn

We recently told you about the hidden panorama mode in the iOS 5 Camera app that could be enabled by editing a .plist file. Since then, a jailbreak tweak called “Firebreak” has been released that automatically enables the feature on any jailbroken iOS 5 device. Panorama mode in the iOS Camera actually works, and you can get it on your own device right now without jailbreaking. A simple  [Read More…]

Resize Safari Windows While in Full Screen Mode

resize Safari windows in full screen mode Like using Safari in Lion‘s full-screen mode? You can resize the viewing pane of a full-screened Safari window by dragging the cursor to the far left or right edges, grabbing, and pulling in. This lets you reduce the white space and width of browser windows while still retaining the full screen view. This is a helpful little trick for web developers with a full  [Read More…]