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Apple could choose Intel over Qualcomm for future iPhone modems

Qualcomm will be providing 100 percent of the modem chips for Apple’s iPhone 6s, but Apple may ditch it in favor of Intel for future handsets, claims a new report. Qualcomm is said to have teamed-up with TSMC to build the modem chips for the iPhone 6s, using TSMC’s 20nm process. For later iPhones, however, Apple is […][Read More…]

Mac OS X Lion Says Good-Bye To Analog Communications [Modems]

Mac OS X Lion has killed off a number of things including, but not limited to Rosetta, visible scrolls bars, Quicken (see Rosetta), and unnatural scrolling. Now anothercasualty is the venerable analog modem. According to users on MacRumors Forums it is true that Apple has killed off support for the analog Apple USB Modem in Mac OS X Lionsince the device is  [Read More…]