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The iPhone 5c Could Have Been A Modified iPod Touch

In the past, when anyone has talked about the possibility of a low-cost iPhone aimed at the budget market, most have assumed that Apple would essentially take the iPod touch — currently the cheapest iOS device, after subsidies, which saves…Read more ›

Modified Charger Can Install Malware Onto Your iOS Device


Thanks to Apple’s strict software approval process, iOS devices are generally considered some of the most secure. But you might want to be careful about where you plug them in for charging. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a modified charger capable of installing malware onto any device running Apple’s latest iOS operating system.

The prototype charger, which has been named “Mactans,” will be shown off at the Black  [Read More…]

WSJ: Apple Has Modified Its iPhone To Support China Telecoms CDMA-2000 Network

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple may have developed a modified version of its iPhone compatible with China Telecoms CDMA-2000? network. The device is set to make its debut in China this Friday, but as things currently stand, its be exclusive to China Unicom. The new device sports the model number A1387, according to the report, and it has recently been approved by Chinas Radio Management agency, which certifies  [Read More…]