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MixBag’s many pockets and modular design put function ahead of form

I was pretty sure I would never need to look any further than my trusty Chrome bag when it came time to be out and about with my electronics. It was a simple system, really: Just chuck everything into the…Read more ›

Cover Your Walls With Instagrams Using The Fotobit Modular Frame

Fotobit is a 4.25 x 4.25-inch frame designed for wall-mounting your Instagrams. It’s modular, so you can slot the frames together to cover the wall with an Insta-mural, and the frames themselves are a handsome matte black or white. But…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Boomerang Modular iPad Stand Is Very Versatile

If there’s one thing us iPad owners like as much as iPad cases, it’s iPad stands. And no wonder: without such a prop, the iPad can do little more than lay flat on the floor or table like a dead fish. Only unlike the poor fish, it won’t even entertain us by flapping desperately around […]

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This Modular iPhone Case Might Just Be The Most Indestructible Yet



We say “might,” because we haven’t tested it yet; but sandwiched between the hard exterior shell of Incase’s new Chisel case and the iPhone it protects is a second, soft case with a secret ingredient called Poron XRD — a material we’ve found almost unbelievably excellent at absorbing impact energy.

The Chisel’s secret sauce is cool, but it also has another trick that lets you remove the hard, outer half  [Read More…]

New Patent Details Modular MagSafe Alternative to 30-Pin Connector

*Image courtesy of Apple Insider* Apple introduced the MagSafe adapter in 2006 alongside their updated Macbooks. The transition of the MagSafe technology to the iPod at the time seemed natural. But, six years later the 30-pin connector still reigns supreme. However, a new Apple patent hints that the 30-pin connector may finally be supplanted. The patent titled Programmable Magnetic Connectors details a series of coded magnets that could be used in portable devices and the  [Read More…]

This New Modular iPhone Case From Trident is Some Kind of Awesome Transforma-Case

Tridents new A.M.S. iPhone 4/S case is edgy. And maybe dangerous. Its probably what Q would give Bond to protect his iPhone, except it doesnt come equipped with rocket launchers or a laser. The A.M.S. (for Adaptive Modular System) allow you to equip it for any conceivable mission. The case is actually a two parter, Tridents Perseus and Kraken cases, that now fit together as modules. Out for dinner with  [Read More…]