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Pros and developers alike can benefit from these extended Cyber Monday deals [Deals]

With all the hubbub around the post-Thanksgiving shopping, it’s nice when there’s a huge discount on something that is actually useful. These courses on project management and game design normally go for thousands of dollars, but right now they’re going for less than $ 50. It’s all part of a massive clearing out of eLearning bundles […]

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Keep the cyber in Cyber Monday with deals on iOS, Microsoft, and Adobe training [Deals]

Instead of buying a new TV or juicer this Cyber Monday, invest in your own tech savviness. From training in iOS and Xcode to Microsoft Office and Adobe’s array of creative products, you’ll emerge from the holidays ready to take on new challenges and better gigs. And most digital deals like these get another 25% […]

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The absolute best deals: Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Black Friday is held up as the ultimate shopping day, but Thanksgiving actually offers more awesome deals. Of course, there are great sales to be found throughout the Black Friday season, with Cyber Monday deals adding their fair share of savings to the mix. However, if you’re looking for a specific type of product, it’s […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Editor’s note: We have a massive site redesign coming Monday

This is a heads up that Cult of Mac has a major site redesign coming Monday. We’re flipping the switch this weekend. If anything goes wrong, you’ll know why! Here’s what we’ve got planned. The old Cult of Mac site…Read more ›

Throwback Monday: The 20-year-old Apple Watch

The forthcoming Apple Watch may be Apple’s first tentative steps into the wearables market, but it’s not the company’s first attempt at a timepiece — as YouTube user Jonathan Morrison shows in a new video. You see, back in 1995, when…Read more ›

Cyber Monday: 10% off storewide with promotional code HAPPYCM10 [Deals]

Cult of Mac Deals has tons of deals for Cyber Monday. In fact, every single thing in the store is offered with huge savings. Use the promotional code HAPPYCM10 at check out to get 10% off your purchase.  Read on…Read more ›

T-Mobile knocks $100 off 64GB iPhone 6 for Cyber Monday

Still waiting for a good excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 6? If you didn’t take advantage of any of the Black Friday deals, T-Mobile announced this morning that it’ll give you a 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of…Read more ›

Monday Deals: One year of Backblaze and iOS-controlled RoboMe [Deals]

Today we’ve got a couple of great offers courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals that will keep your data safe and secure…and give you some gear to play with in your leisure time. We’ve lined up one year of unlimited…Read more ›

How to Set the iOS Calendar to Start on a Monday Instead of Sunday

The iPhone and iPad Calendar app defaults to starting a week on Sunday, which is the generally accepted standard of most US calendars. Meanwhile, some other nations start the calendar week on Monday, and some users just prefer to start the week on the first weekday of Monday rather than the weekend of Sunday anyway. … Read More

Machine Crush Monday: Apple’s iconic Fifth Avenue store turns eight

It takes a lot to be both New York City’s most photographed landmark, and Apple’s most beautiful retail store. It’s rare that a shop can genuinely be said to take your breath away, but in the case of New York’s…Read more ›